“Human Uber” Lets You Pay Someone To Live Your Life For You


via Public Domain Pictures

Concept art of the Human Uber

People in this generation are extremely lazy. They normally aren’t really in the mood to get out of bed in the morning to go to work or hang out with friends. Shockingly, Japanese tech titan Rekimoto Labs solved that problem.

Recently, they invented something called a Chameleon Mask. This mask is worn by the person who is paid to act like the customer. The mask is like a virtual reality headset, with the addition of a huge iPad in the front of the headset. On the iPad screen, the customer can be on video chat so that they can see and talk to the people the worker runs into. The mask has built in communication, meaning the worker can go to the store, and buy the customers groceries if they are told to. The Chameleon Mask can also be a helmet. Say the worker who is supposed to act like the customer doesn’t have red hair like the customer, so the worker can wear a helmet instead of the mask. This is to make the experience more realistic.

 Many people are excited for this new invention, they like the idea of paying someone to replace them for however long they need it. People enjoy the fact that if they have family or a friend who lives far away, they could just send someone to fill in for them so that the customer can enjoy the experience wherever they are.  As strange as it sounds, the customer can lend the worker their clothes if they chose. This is so that it can make the experience seem more real. The invention of the Chameleon Mask is slowly gaining popularity in Japan, but is hoping to become popular everywhere if possible.

Even though the Chameleon mask seems like such a great invention, it could lead to some problems. For example, the customer could have the worker do bad things for them if they choose. The customer can tell the worker to go to the store, but then to steal something for them. The worker would then have to because it’s their job, to do what customer tells them to go and go where they want them to go. Also, the customer could tell the worker to go to the movie theater with their friend, but instead the worker could steal or even do worse things pretending to be someone they aren’t. The inventors have looked into this and in the future plan on making the workers robots instead of people to have these  problems not occur.

In conclusion, Chameleon masks are becoming very popular over Japan and are gaining popularity. Along with that, Chameleon are helping society in staying home if the choose instead of going places.