Ronaldo Banned For Three Matches


The two soccer teams, Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao, played recently, ending with a tie and leaving both teams very angry. Midfielder, Ander Iturraspe, was pushed by Athletic Captain Carlos Gurpegi and fought back by punching Gurpegi’s face. Carlos fell to the turf holding his face, causing a huge fight between the two teams. Ander was shown a yellow card and Ronaldo was shown a straight red card, and was sent off the field. While walking off the field, he was shown to slap his cheek several times, a mocking gesture in Spain that suggest something someone has done is wrong.

After the match, Xabi Alonso stated, “It wasn’t aggression, the red to Cristiano Ronaldo is excessive.” Ronaldo is now set to miss three league matches and possibly the semi-finals against their rivals Atletico Madrid, but the manager of the team has 10 days to appeal the decision. Normally a red card would ban you from one extra match, but because of his mocking gesture, he has been given bans for the next three matches, along with a 1200 Euro fine.

A Kraemer student stated, “Ronaldo is their best player, and without them they won’t do so good.” Ronaldo was just crowned the FIFA Ballon d’Or, and currently the top scorer in the league.