2018 Winter Olympics Preview

The Olympic symbol with winter sports.

via Pixabay

The Olympic symbol with winter sports.

In less than two weeks, the Olympic games will begin starting with the traditional Opening Ceremony. Thousands of people will flock PyeongChang to celebrate as the XXIII Olympic Games begin. Held in South Korea this year, the 2018 Winter Olympics will be a time of competition, victory, and unification between players and competing countries.

The hosting city for the Olympics will be PyeongChang, about 60 miles south of the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), and 80 miles east of Seoul, the capital of South Korea and home to the 1988 Summer Games. This city beat many bids from cities in Europe and was announced in 2011. Recent meetings between North and South Korea have resulted in a combined team between the two countries; called Korea.

For over seven years, South Korea has prepared for the Olympics. This includes the construction of the area. Large domed arenas spot the snowy landscape. Huge slopes circle and run through the Olympic Village. Lodges line the beautiful landscape. Lots of money has been put into this project, the result being a large area for the Olympic Games to take place.

Many sports will take place over the two-week span. Lots of athletes will have a chance to show off their talents and hopefully win a gleaming gold, silver, or bronze medal in their field of competition. This year the medals will include a design of lines, and will also have the Hangul, (Korean alphabet) engraved on its sides. One of the most popular sports is snowboarding. This year, people will watch as many snowboarders jump, twist, and do tricks in mid-air. An athlete by the name Chloe Kim (United States of America) will be making her Olympic debut, and is expected to do well, and will be watched all over the globe. Another prominent sport this year is Alpine Skiing. Competitors will ski down slopes at top speed and try to avoid crashing and going off the trail. Talent will be seen when watching Ted Ligety; He has won 2 gold medals before in Alpine Skiing, and will definitely show some dominance. Ice Hockey will try something new this year. Professionals from the NHL (National Hockey League) will not participate. This robs the U.S. team of their dominance, but it gives a chance for not as well known players to show off their talent. In years before Canada has put up a good fight, and looks to win it this year. Another person to watch is Gus Kenworthy (U.S.), who will take part in the freestyle skiing competition. Freestyle skiing is a sport in which skiers do amazing tricks, jumps, flips and much more. Many other sports will be included. Some of the more well known are curling (sport in which people slide heavyweights), figure skating, skeleton (sport in which a person lays on a sled and slides down icy paths at high speeds), speed skating, and bobsledding (sport in which multiple people slide down icy paths at high speeds in a gravity-powered sled).

Overall, the upcoming Winter Olympics will be something to watch. These athletes have been training for this for years, and their will is sure to pay off, while viewers get to watch and enjoy. The competitions will be exciting, and winning athletes will spread their name. The outcome isn’t known for sure. Who knows? Maybe one person will dominate their sport, or maybe there will be upsets. Many things could happen, but all that is known for sure is that the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics will definitely be entertaining, exciting, and most of all, fun!