NHL Pacific Division

Mike Brown of the Ducks

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Mike Brown of the Ducks

The National Hockey League (NHL) has 4 divisions. The Pacific, which encompasses the Western side of Canada down the west coast to Arizona. Next is the Central division, which includes Winnipeg, Canada down to Dallas, Texas. Third is the Metropolitan which breaks up the vast amount of teams in the East. The Metro division runs from New York to Carolina. The final division is the Atlantic, which includes Montreal, Canada to Michigan, and all of Florida.

The Pacific Division has eight teams: The Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Vancouver Canucks, San Jose Sharks, Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks, Las Vegas Golden Knights, and the Arizona Coyotes. They have all been constantly fighting to make it to the top of their division so that they can earn a spot in the playoffs, which begin on April 8th.

So far, the Vegas Golden Knights are the best team in the Pacific. The Golden Knights were founded last October and are a team made of players that other teams traded to start the franchise. The Golden Knights have played 47 games and won 32 of them. They have lost 11 games in regulation time and 4 lost in overtime.


The second place team is the San Jose Sharks. This team was created in 1991. The Sharks have won the Presidents Trophy once and made it to the Stanley Cup Finals once where they lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins. This team has also played 47 games this season, but they have only won 26 of them. They have lost 14 games plus 7 losses in overtime.


The Calgary Flames are the third-place team with, again, 48 games played, but have won 26 games. They have also lost 16 games and also 7 losses in overtime. The team was created in 1971 and was originally the Atlanta Flames until relocating to Calgary in 1980. This team has also won the Stanley Cup in 1989 against the Montreal Canadiens.


With two months to go until the playoffs, there is still time for other teams in the Pacific Division to replace one of the three teams at the top.  With the trade deadline looming, teams will have to make big decisions that will either keep them in the playoff run or will boost them into the playoffs.  Keep watching for some exciting hockey!