The Greatest Showman


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The Greatest Showman!

The Greatest Showman directed by Michael Gracey is about how P.T. Barnum started the first circus in the 1850s. With a phenomenal soundtrack, The Greatest Showman has an amazing cast starring Zendaya, Zac Efron, Hugh Jackman, and many other sensational actors. This movie without a doubt has legendary scenes with enchanting dances.

As a child P.T. Barnum lived in poverty, once his father died the best he could do was beg for food on the streets. He fell in love with Charity, a girl who came from extreme wealth, whom P.T. was forbidden to see by her father. The two continue to send letters to each other until at last, they meet again as adults. They get married and have two daughters in a cozy apartment in New York City. Barnum decides he wants to open a museum and essentially puts down fake collateral at the bank to take out a significant loan. He tries to sell tickets day after day, but it just didn’t seem to catch on. As he is on the verge of bankruptcy, one of P.T.’s daughters suggested showcasing something “alive.” Barnum sets off to find all the freaks of the world and opened a show that attracted large audiences. As the wealthy were disgusted, P.T. didn’t care, in fact, he thrived off the publicity whether it was negative or not. It wasn’t until his daughter became ashamed that he cared what anyone thought. P.T. got a junior partner, Carlyle, who was particularly popular and knew how to appeal to the wealthy. Barnum decided to put everything at stake and tour around the country with famous European singer, Jenny Lind to seek validation from the rich. When the tour fell off rails, Barnum’s circus burned down from protesters, and Charity left him, all could do was sulk in a bar. It wasn’t until all the performers from his circus came to the bar that he opened his eyes and realized everything doesn’t have to be ruined. He goes to mend his relationship with Charity and heads to the bank to get another loan for a new building. As he gets turned down, Carlyle offers to put up all the money he made to reopen. Barnum accepted under the condition they would be 50/50 partners. To save money, they bought cheap land by the water and put on the show inside a tent. At the end of the movie, P.T. Barnum learns that money and business isn’t everything and that friends and family are more important

The Greatest Showman was released on December 8, 2017, and since has grossed over $230,000,000. It has been nominated for one Oscar and three Golden Globes. Variety magazine has even said, “The numbers in The Greatest Showman have a dance-pop fire that keeps you hooked.”