Is Social Media bad for you?


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Social media had taken over the world, and it’s difficult to think that, only some years back, people thought the internet was not going to progress. However, about 40% of the world’s population today has social media. Teenagers spend about two hours daily on a social media platform, but can something so innocent as liking and sharing pictures be bad for?

Social media is not very good for mental health. It can cause sleeping problems due to the light given from phones or computers. A study asked 18-30-year-olds about their sleeping habits and social media habits and found that many of the sleeping problems found were due to their phones. Social media can also cause anxiety, stress, and can lower self esteem. It also has links with depression, as studies tested over 700 students and those who had some had depression symptoms were due to interactions online. Social media is also a great stage for bullies since there really isn’t any consequences over a computer screen. Many teens and young adults have sadly lost their lives due to mean comments on pictures. Many accidents have also happened on roads due to people checking their social media platforms instead of keeping their eyes on the road. However, though social media has had many negative effects,  it is not always bad for.

Many social media platforms have helped with raising money for many good causes. Someone can easily post on Instagram or Facebook to help with their cause, such as donations for schools, hospitals, and churches. Many churches, schools, and hospitals have their own Instagram and Facebook pages to help spread awareness. It can also help with immediate access to information or disasters around the world.  

Facebook itself has come out and said that their own social media platform can be bad for. Social media isn’t just bad for health, as it can also change mood in good and bad ways. It can also ruin relationships with other people, due to attention being on phone and not the person speaking to. They could eventually stop talking to because they think don’t care about what they’re saying, and, even if do, scrolling through Instagram is not the way to show it. there are some good and bad things about social media. It’s not a bad thing to use but I your life should not revolve around posts and likes. Some people tend to overuse it. Overall, social media is not super bad for people, but just remember that there is a world outside the screen and not everything’s about the phone.