7 Famous Dishes of Delhi People Must Try

A Delhi dish called Mughlai Kheema Paratha

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A Delhi dish called Mughlai Kheema Paratha

Delhi, India’s capital, is known to be a massive metropolitan area in the north. Inside Delhi, there is Chandni Chowk, a bazaar filled with famous foods from food carts and sweet shops. Delhi is all about the amalgamation, or process of cultures. Delhi takes the best from different cities and makes them its own. Here are seven famous dishes of Delhi that everyone should try.

Chole Bhature

The Chole Bhature is a round, fried bread made with maida flour. The Chole Bhature can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or even just as a snack. It can be enjoyed with onions and spicy chickpeas. Every street corner has a stand making delicious baseball-shaped Chole Bhatures right out from the Kadai (wok).


Parathas are also a street specialty. Parathas are a flatbread that can be a snack or a main dish. Parathas are usually a vegetarian dish, but it comes with non-vegetarian dishes as well such as chicken parathas. This dish can be enjoyed with sides such as curries, pickles or curds.

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken was introduced in the year 1950 and is still a very popular dish today. This spicy, yet creamy chicken is known as Murgh Makhani by the tourists. Butter chicken has the right amount of spice with thick cashew paste. Delhi is the origin place for this dish.


This spicy treat is extremely popular and can be found in various food carts. This snack can be a deep-fried pastry of stuffed bread, both with dipping sauce. The Chaat is one of the most popular dishes in Delhi along with the Butter chicken. There are many different Chaat options, but the best ones are papdi chaat, aloo chaat, moong dal ladoos with chutney and radish, and fresh fruit chaat.

Kebabs and Rolls

Kebabs in Delhi have many various kinds such as the Tikkas kebabs (chunks of meat that are barbequed in an oven), Seekh kebabs (minced meat wrapped around a barbeque stick), and Galouti kebabs (Beaten Meat paste formed to create a cutlet). These kebabs are wrapped in many different flatbreads like parathas and naans as rolls, but they can be enjoyed individually as well. Kebabs go well with a side of fresh mint chutney and onions.


Kulfi is a frozen Indian dessert that is served with different accompaniments from different places. Kulfi comes in many different flavors such as rose, paan, and many more. This Traditional classic goes well with falooda, glass noodles.


Biryani is also another flavorful dish full of delicious meat, Indian spices, and a traditional way of preparing this delicacy called the dum process. This dish has a perfect combination of flavors and is a definite crowd-pleaser. Biryani is a very popular dish found in almost every Indian restaurant. There are several restaurants that only serve Biryani.


Delhi is filled with various types of food with many favorable choices. Although there are other many delicious dishes, these seven famous dishes are a must-try in Delhi.