Jimmy Kimmel


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Jimmy Kimmel

James Christian Kimmel also known as Jimmy Kimmel is a light hearted comedian and host. Jimmy was born on November 13, 1967 and is currently 50 years old. Jimmy kimmel grew up to be one of the most famous host in history. Jimmy achieved this fame from his own show Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy kimmel first was hosting shows on in Los Angeles radio starting as a sports host. He was working as Jimmy the Sports guy on The Kevin and Bean Show. Finally in 1997 Jimmy decided to be a television host. Jimmy ended up being the host of Comedy Central’s game show “Win Ben Stein’s Money”. Ben Stein was usually in the spotlight as it was his show. However, Jimmy ended winning the spotlight as his comedic behavior set a fun and uplifting mood on the show.  Eventually in 1999 Both Kimmel and Stein won a daytime emmy for best game show host, not to mention a daytime Emmy nomination in 2001. Several years later Jimmy has been on many hit shows such as “The Andy Milonakis Show”. Jimmy Kimmel ended up with his own late night TV show “Jimmy Kimmel Live”. Jimmy Kimmel live is a late night talk show that that stars Jimmy Kimmel as the main host. This is a fun and comedic show that includes guest celebrities, athletes, musicians, etc. Sometimes Jimmy kimmel shares funny or serious stories to the audience which is one of the main focuses of the show.

Lately Jimmy Kimmel had been making headlines because of his 7 month old baby Billy. Billy had been diagnosed with a extremely rare heart defect known as tetralogy of fallot with pulmonary atresia. This defect more commonly known as TOF with pulmonary atresia. This defect is a more severe version of TOF. TOF is a very rare condition that is a combination of four heart defects which occurs from ages 0-2.  Recently on december 4, Billy Kimmel had his second heart surgery which was successful. Billy quickly rose to fame as many people heard about Jimmy Kimmel’s heart breaking of Billy’s predicament.

Jimmy Kimmel has as very interesting life and he is a interesting man. First of all Jimmy kimmel on a daily basis planning what to do for his next show. Instead of talking the majority of the time he actually spends most of his time indoors working. Jimmy described this as “Trying to fit 30 hours of work into 24”. In a typical day Jimmy starts off with a 9 am quick interview, but it actually stretches to 90 minutes due to Kimmel’s comedic remarks and talking addiction. Already behind on his schedule he was supposed to go over all his jokes and remarks to say that night. At 11 am he meets with his producers and go through all the segments that are going to happen involving the guests that night. At 12 he eats lunch while getting ready for rehearsal. At 1 PM he does rehearsal in which he reviews everything. From 3-5 PM he writes his monologue for that night. Right after that from 5-6 Pm he does his makeup and other bits that will be included. Finally, from 6-7 PM Jimmy Kimmel live actually starts rolling. After the show is over, he meets with  fundraisers and charities, most of the time they want Jimmy to host something for them. Finally he arrives home and immediately goes to sleep. Just to wake up and repeat this process over again.

Jimmy Kimmel is a american idol who built his way up to the top. He had hard beginnings and some would say his schedule is horrific. Jimmy Kimmel is an emmy nominated popular celebrity that is known for his comedic abilities.