NFL Playoff Predictions


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The stadium is filled with confetti.

The NFL regular season is coming to an end and many fans are excited for the postseason. Sadly, many will see their favorite teams fall short; sorry Cleveland Browns fans, at least you had the 1940s. This is the time when many teams have the opportunity to establish themselves as dynasties in a league of the best in the world. As you would expect the Patriots are still the favorites to win the Superbowl, as they are still under the Tom Brady

era, but many think otherwise.


   The AFC playoff picture is dominated by two teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the New England Patriots from the AFC North and AFC East. But, there is much competition for the other four playoff spots. In the AFC South, there is a close battle between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tennessee Titans. With Jacksonville have the better record and the easier remaining schedule, many believe that the Jaguars will take the AFC South. There is a three-way picture in the AFC West between the Chiefs, Chargers, and the Oakland Raiders. Though Oakland has a talented roster and veteran leadership, they have a worse record than the other two and a gruesome remaining schedule, so many don’t see them winning. The competition between the Charges and Kansas City it is a close battle. Their schedules are both easy going, so many believe it will come down to there matchup this upcoming weekend. Looking at both their rosters the Kansas City has the Chargers beat, but the Chargers have the momentum of…… many look for the Chargers to ride their momentum to win the AFC West. Now looking at the remaining contenders for the wild card we have the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, and Tennessee Titans for our most likely participants. Looking at these three teams, there is one outlier which is the Bills. The Bills, though their defensive force, lack the offensive weapons to be a playoff team. So, that means the AFC wild-card matchup will be between the Chiefs and the Titans.


   The NFC playoff picture is very competitive besides the Philadelphia Eagles clinching the division title in the NFC East. The NFC North it is also almost a done deal as the Viking have a three-game lead against Detroit and the Green Bay Packers. For Either of these teams to win they would have to win out and have the Vikings lose some of their easy games. This is not a likely outcome; many have the Minnesota Vikings winning the NFC North. In the NFC West, there are two major contenders to win the division, the Los Angeles Rams and the Seattle Seahawks. These two teams have an upcoming matchup on December 12 which will decide the fate of these two teams. Looking at their rosters, the two teams have about equal talent, but the major swing is the veteran leadership of Seattle. The Seattle Seahawks have been in this situation before, and many feel they will have enough experience to come out on top against the Rams and ultimately win the division.  In the NFC South, the Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, and New Orleans Saints all have a shot at winning the title. Looking at all the team’s leadership, rosters, and remaining schedule it is a no-brainer that the Panthers will win the NFC South. Now the wild card game will come down to New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Rams, and Atlanta Falcons. Out of these three teams, the Los Angeles Rams and the Saints seem to be the best suited to compete in the playoffs due to their explosive offenses and emerging defenses.


   The playoffs are just around the corner, and everyone is excited to watch their favorite team compete for a ring. The NFL is a constantly evolving league with more advanced defenses and wild offensive sets. In the end, the NFL playoffs are something we all are excited about if our favorite team makes it or not.