World’s Largest Starbucks


Starbucks is a world-renowned coffee brand.

About 83% of adults in America drink three cups of coffee each day. This is about 537 million cups of coffee drunk just by Americans every day. Coffee chains have done exceptionally well, especially Starbucks. Starbucks started in Seattle back in 1971 and has grown over the years. Now, there are about 27,000 different locations spread throughout the world. On December 5th, Starbucks opened their largest coffee shop in Shanghai. It is one of only two Starbucks Reserve Roasteries and has already made a huge impact.

Due to China’s growing coffee business, it is home to 3,000 Starbucks shops with even more opening. This means every fifteen hours there is a new Starbucks opening in China and is eventually set to be the country with the most Starbucks locations.

When the customer first enters the building they will be introduced by an “Explorer’s Guide” which acts as a map. In the background, Luciano Pavarotti’s “Nessun Dorma” is playing, adding effect to the grand entrance. The roof of the building is full of wood tiles that were inspired by the locking of an espresso shot. The new Reserve Roastery was built for a more immersive experience. The interior design has three coffee bars, one which is up to 88 feet long. The coffee beans are grown in the Yunnan Province where it is affected by the seasonal monsoons which allows the plants to flourish, providing a rich flavor in the coffee. In the middle of the colossus building is a two story, 40-ton copper container that refills the various silos throughout the Roastery. It is also decorated with Chinese symbols showing the story of how Starbucks began. Adding on to the varying coffee choices, there is also a tea bar made from recycled 3D printed materials, to fit the area’s most popular choice of beverage. They even have a new nitrogen infused tea that is sure to change how people drink tea. The tea section is located on the second floor of the building. Unlike the regular choices of pastries customers often get in America, the new roastery includes a bakery with more than 30 bakers and chefs that have an endless option of desserts and dishes made every day.

Starbucks also added in a feature that no other coffee shop has: virtual reality. This allows customers to scan the walls with their phones in order to learn about the coffee making process. This new experience coaxes the customers into the coffee experience and shows the true beauty and art in coffee making.

This Shanghai Roastery has already made a revolutionary mark in coffee history. With the unique design to the luxurious foods produced every day, this roastery has what every coffee lover dreams of.