Best Tech Gifts for Holidays



Gift for Christmas.

Within the past few years, technology has wiggled its way into the everyday life of many people. It has revolutionized the way simple tasks can be completed and will continue to develop and improve. As a result, technology has become a large part of the economic industry and is often used as gifts for holidays and birthdays. This year promises to bring out the latest and greatest gadgets to gift to family and friends.

Nintendo Switch

For: The younger gamers

Overview: A two-in-one gaming system, the Nintendo Switch can act as a stationary TV console or can be easily converted into a portable handheld console. It has two Joy-cons that can be detached and used in single player and multiplayer play. It’s one of a kind design allows for a whole new kind of gaming experience and is perfect for gamers of all ages. Its pricing is also fairly reasonable for its features.

Price: $299 (as of Amazon)

iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum

For: The clean freak

Overview: The Roomba 980 is the latest and greatest technology from iRobot. Not only can it adjust its height to clean an array of different surfaces, but also has the newest sensors the company has to offer, allowing it to easily navigate a home. Its 2-hour battery life plenty and will automatically return to its charging port when its battery is drained.

Price: $899 (as of Amazon)

Amazon Kindle Oasis

For: The bookworm

Overview: This current generation Kindle is by far the best e-reader made by Amazon. It’s thinner and lighter by a marginal amount, but still has that great battery life that Kindles are known for. The screen is also noticeably larger and brighter, and is water-resistant, meaning it is perfect for beach or pool days. It comes in a few different versions, varying in memory size, wifi usage ability, and built-in Audible.

Price: $249-$350 (as of Amazon)

HP Sprocket 2-in-1

For: The Polaroid fan

Overview: Essentially a modernized version of the beloved Polaroid cameras of the 70’s and 80’s, the HP Sprocket 2-in-1 camera is a great gift for any photographer. It’s modernized technology allows users to not only take great photos but also wirelessly print 2  by 3-inch photos from any device. Additionally, it can utilize popular social media tools and can directly print photos stored online. Its convenient size and fair pricing makes it a great gift for the holidays.

Price: $159 (as of Amazon)

Amazon Echo 2nd Generation

For: The smart homeowner

Overview: The newest generation Amazon Echo brings an aesthetic change with few other major changes. In fact, the only changes of interest is a smaller design, new exterior design, and better speakers. However, the most noticeable change to the Amazon Echo is the pricing, which went from over $150 to less than $100. And even though it’s cheaper, it still has all the great features associated with the praise the initial Echo received, including usage of smart lights, shopping and the assistant, Alexa,l with one call.

Sphero R2-D2

For: The ultimate Star Wars fan

Overview: Arguably the most accurate remote-controlled assemblage of R2-D2, Sphero has really put in the work to create a toy with the correct sounds and motions of the iconic Star Wars droid. Like many other toys nowadays, it is controlled by a mobile app. Keep in mind that reviews have disclosed that users might need a bit of practice controlling R2-D2, though. When it comes to pricing, it can look a bit overpriced, but those die-hard Star Wars fans are sure to cough up for this perfectly portrayed toy.

Price: $179 (as of Amazon)

Fitbit Ionic

For: The fitness-obsessed

Overview: The new Fitbit Ionic is a top line smartwatch geared specifically for fitness. Like other models, it is fully equipped with heart rate sensors, oxygen tracking and sleep logs, which is technology that some competitors need a third-party to do. A new feature for the Ionic is that it has a personal trainer feature that guides the wearer through a full workout with the touch of a button. Compared to other Fitbit models, it can be a bit expensive, though.

Price: $299 (as of Amazon)

GoPro HERO5 Session

For: The outdoorsy adventurer

Overview: GoPros have become the best way to catch those perfect action shots. Whether it’s being used to record motorcycle rides or to catch awesome mid-air shots, the HERO5 is the way to go. Its high-quality videos and pictures can be activated with voice commands to reduce distraction from the adrenaline. And its conveniently portable size is just another plus added to an already great camera.

Price: $299 (as of Amazon)

Apple Watch Series 3 + Cellular

For: The busy professional

Overview: With a little bit of everything, the 3rd generation Apple Watches are an all-in-one package. Fitness, texting, calls and more are possible with a single tap and now equipped with a cellular connection, can receive emails and calls without the connectivity of an iPhone. While its price tag may seem a bit inflated, for the many features that it offers, it is fairly reasonable.

Price: $399 (as of Amazon)

AKG N60 Wireless

For: The music/podcast lover

Overview: The AKG N60 Wireless headphones deliver top sound quality at a reasonable price. Their incredible noise-canceling sound quality combined with the comfort and battery life it delivers adds up to the best environment for listeners. It easily connects to any device through Bluetooth pairing and is sure to give users the best way to listen to any podcast or song. Its pricing is very reasonable and competes with big-name companies like Skullcandy and Beats.

Price: $249 (as of Amazon)