Squirrel Damages Christmas Lights in New Jersey Town


via Public Domain Pictures

a squirrel and some Christmas ornaments

Recently in Sea Girt, New Jersey, a squirrel was caught fiddling with Christmas lights set up for an annual holiday display. The residents of Sea Girt were shocked that someone, or something, was trying to get rid of the Christmas spirit this year. It was also surprising to find out that a small, harmful squirrel was the new Grinch of New Jersey.

Local community workers were setting up the Christmas light display during the Thanksgiving weekend. They had finished setting up the display and left to go home. A few days later, the workers came back to run a quick test on the lights but noticed that the Christmas lights were not working. They decided to check all the cables to try to find the problem. After searching, one of the workers noticed that cables for the Christmas lights had been cut. Luckily, they were able to repair a few strands, but some had to be completely replaced.

When this had happened, the news spread and Sea Girt residents were astonished that this incident happened. The public quickly jumped to conclusions saying it was probably teenagers or rats who had bitten the cables. Police were asked to investigate what had really happened to the Christmas display. The police said they didn’t have any suspects in mind, but were on high alert and were going to find out who did this. After looking further into what actually happened to the Christmas display, the police saw a squirrel chewing on the cables of the lights before running away. They found out that the lights hadn’t been cut, but were bitten by a squirrel. Police stated that they were happy to find that the Grinch of New Jersey wasn’t actually a person.

All in all, the squirrel is still on the loose living its life. Workers plan to just keep a close eye on the Christmas display and scare away the squirrel if needed to keep the animal away. Residents are happy to find that the criminal of this incident was just a squirrel. For the future light displays, the workers plan to just make sure the squirrel doesn’t bite the lights again.