Teacher Spotlight : Mrs. James


via Mrs. James

Mrs. James' family photo.

Mrs. James is the current teacher for 7th graders in regular english, GEAR UP, and ELD (English Language Development). It is her first year teaching at Kraemer and she is already loved by all her students as well as the staff members. For the past three years, she has been teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade English, College and Career Readiness, English 3D, and Speech at Sunnymead Middle School in Moreno Valley. Mrs. James says that her favorite thing about Kraemer is the people. She loves how it is full of students and staff members who help each other out and strive for success.


Some of Mrs. James hobbies include fishing, hiking, camping, and going to road trips. She absolutely loves the fresh air of outdoors and also likes to spend time with her family. Mrs. James has played basketball ever since she was in fifth grade and she still practices every single Sunday. One of her favorite movies is the tragic love story The Notebook while her favorite book is the The Nightingale, a historical fiction following two sisters in France during World War II, struggling to survive the German occupation of France. Her favorite treat to eat on an empty stomach is ranch on a piece of pepperoni pizza with a cool Coca Cola on the side.


If she had the chance to travel to anywhere in the world for a week, Mrs. James says that she would pick Japan. This is mainly because she is half Japanese and yet, she has never gotten the chance to visit. With one million dollars, Mrs. James says that she would like to save it for her daughter’s college fund, who is currently only a year old. However, if her daughter ends up receiving scholarship, she wants to buy a ranch house for her family with lots of land for her dog to freely roam about.


Mrs. James is a wonderful seventh grade teacher that any school or student can have. She offers all of her students the chance to strengthen their skills as writers but also to build a more optimistic character. She is a great teacher to have as a part of Kraemer Middle School and we hope she will continue to help create a better environment for our Kraemer students. If you happen to meet Mrs. James on campus, make sure to stop and greet her with a hello or even a hi-five!