Student Spotlight- Jackson Steuber


via Katrina W.

A selfie of Jackson S.

“Really, you’re writing an article about me?” – Jackson Steuber. Jack is a part of a family of 5, with his mother Mrs. Steuber, his father, Mr. Steuber, his little sister, Kate, and little brother, Nate. He is known around the school for his high-spirited personality, and his way of never getting put down, even by bullies. With a stylish new haircut, he’s sure to be the star spotlight of the school for the rest of the 2nd quarter.

Even though he may be crazy, even a bit weird at times, crazy equals genius right? Like the American rock band, Panic! At The Disco, song states, crazy equals genius, and crazy does indeed equal genius in this scenario, as Jackson is one of the smartest in the school. His electives are Peer Leadership and Spanish, and he says his favorite core classes are Language Arts with Ms. Muñoz, and Social Studies with Mrs. Stills. He says he likes the fun that Ms. Muñoz brings to the classroom, and the unique ways Mrs. Stills teaches her class.

With an amusing, and wide, vocabulary, he’s sure to make some people giggle at his big words like hilarious and acceptable, rather than common words like funny and okay. He goes by the nickname Jack, but only his close friends call him that normally.

He ALWAYS carries around his signature purple binder and usually wears that grayish-black sweatshirt of his. He’s always wearing either gray or black pants, even on the hottest days of summer. He enjoys high-fiving people, so be sure to give him a sweaty high-five if you see him while you’re walking down the hall.

Jackson always ensures that he gives each of his friends a fair share of his delicious food, friendship, and attention. His motto for his friend-making business is,”Two friends are better than one.” He makes friends so easily and he has more friends than two of the average amounts combined.

He jumps up at a challenge and never backs down. He rarely fails, as he plans to succeed every time. He tries 150% on every assignment, and although he’ll never admit to it, he’s really good at math and science. He loves to experiment, and although he may be teased for his brainiac skills, he’s still a really nice person.

Jack is a really funny person too. He makes jokes and always laughs off an insult. He has plenty of friends, especially in Peer Leadership. But he’s still looking for more friends, so be sure to say hi if he’s seen in the halls, as he’s one of the nicest people around.