Should Smoking Be Banned?



A man smoking a cigarette

In 2015, around 15% of the U.S. population smoked. It was thought to be one of the lowest percentages recorded in history, but the number needs to be 0%. Smoking causes about 480,000 deaths a year. That means it is the cause of 1 in every 5 deaths, yet people still smoke.

Some people think that, if a person wants to smoke, let them, since it doesn’t affect non-smokers, but it does. Second-hand smoke can cause health complications in children and adults. Smoking may seem like harmless pleasure at first to a smoker, but then it can turn into an addiction. Smoking while knowing it has harmful effects on others is just selfish and wrong.

It’s understandable if smokers don’t know the dangers of smoking but only because tobacco companies make cigarettes addictive. That is very wrong on their part. Cigarettes contain nicotine, an addictive drug. People want tobacco companies to lower the amount of nicotine in their products. Recently, after a relentless fight from both sides, the U.S. government told tobacco companies to air anti-cigarette commercials on T.V. A decade ago they were supposed to be airing them, but the cigarette companies kept fighting it. Many who go against cigarettes call this a win, but there is more that must be done.

Tobacco kills more people than most drugs, and if people are fighting to ban drugs, they should fight to ban cigarettes. It’s not right that people can die and become addicted while the owners of tobacco companies make millions. If someone comes up and punches or hurts another person in any way, the victim can call the police Though people can’t see the negative effects tobacco causes people on the outside as that example does, it doesn’t mean they aren’t being affected.

Smoking a cigarette should also be advertised to show how it is harming everyone nearby. Many might ask why, I ask why not? It seems it would benefit everyone more than harm them. It won’t be easy, as there are the cravings and symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, but if the government can spend millions on fighting Obama Care, they can fund the fight against this epidemic.

There is not anything wrong with thinking about health. Some people think to leave them alone, that if they want to destroy their lungs, it is their problem, but it is ours too. People are affected, and that should be the final chance for tobacco companies. They need to go.

Government officials have the power, but, they want to keep making about $15.5 billion from taxes on cigarettes. They would harm their people for money! What kind of cruel world is this? They need to protect their people from heartless tobacco companies, but they make money off of this sad addiction. Yes, Americans are privileged compared to citizens of other countries, but this needs to stop. I will never smoke, and I hope none of my friends or family ever will.

An ideal way to start off would be to have smoking banned in public. Public ashtrays need to be removed as well. Maybe states could vote on the law individually. Smoking should be banned for the good of all people.