Top 5 Cutest Animals

Sometimes everyone needs a small furry friend to curl up on the couch with, snuggling into the crevices made by dad’s bulging belly. They’re cute, fuzzy, warm, and all around adorable, so who wouldn’t want a fuzzy critter like a puppy or a kitten, or even a fennec fox, curling up in your sweater. This list is to help all the people that want a fuzzy pet to warm their heart.

Sugar Glider- a sugar glider is a small marsupial that is one of the cutest animals in the world. This little squirrel-like creature is the perfect pet for someone who wants two of them. These little critters do not like to be left alone, so it’s best if they are taken care of in pairs. These little cuties have a very strict diet also, and they require quite big cages, go big or go home, as they say, and this animal is no exception. They need a cage at least 24x24x36 in, and the bars can be no more than ½ in wide.
Yorkshire Terrier- Originally from England, these little puppies are one of the most adorable animals on Earth. With their fluffy and hairy, triangle-shaped ears, these are no doubt, one of the best pets to have. They have black eyes, usually with the rare occasion of blue, and, almost always, brown fur with darker speckles. Their diet is the same as most of the other small dogs and is not hard to take care of, though coyotes may get to them, and eat them up if they aren’t inside or in a crate at night.
Munchkin Cat- This cat breed is relatively new to the world, as it was only first spotted in 1930. Fun fact: The Munchkin Cat was first tamed by a music teacher named Sandra in 1983. This cute cat is a medium sized feline with one exception; it’s short and stubby legs. Their legs are usually only 4 inches long. They will usually be dozing off as their short legs make it hard to walk.
Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster- Wow, that name’s a mouthful to say. The dwarf winter white Russian hamster is a hamster native to Russia but is being brought to America as pets. They are small, cute, and their fur is a snowy white color, giving off a silver glow. They can fit in your pocket, though it’s not recommended to put them in there, and they don’t need that big of a cage. They are very small, and adorable, and perfect for mini pet lovers.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel- This adorable puppy is one of the cutest breeds of puppies in the entire world. With their floppy ears and irresistible puppy eyes, it’s hard to turn away. They have short legs and are mostly brown with a white belly. They are very active dogs and need a backyard to run around, so an apartment isn’t the best home for this little critter. They need lots of brushing to keep their fur soft, and so it doesn’t shed.

These animals are the cutest, and ownable, in the entire world so go on to Petsmart and pick out a life companion. There are many other options so if these aren’t the right animals, go to Google and look up cutest pets to own. Just remember, when one of these becomes a part of a home, they are there for good. Think about it, a cute little pet, running around the house, wanting attention, isn’t that something that’s worth the cost.