10 Reasons Our School Should Be Renovated


via Pexels

A hammer and nails on a board.

Kraemer Middle school is a great school, but it has many flaws in its campus. It needs to be renovated so kids can take pride in where they go to school. Some things that need to be renovated on campus are the bleachers, the computers, the bathrooms, the running track, and basketball courts. Those are all things that need to be renovated in the school. Here is why the renovations need to happen.

The bleachers need to be renovated, so they don’t look 100 years old. Certain planks wiggle and move under students. The paint is worn off of the planks which makes planks give people splinters. The supports on the bleachers are falling apart and are out of place; this could result in serious injuries. This renovation would also give students a nice place to hang out at break or lunch.

Another essential change at Kraemer is the computers. Since we live in an evolving generation of computers in the future, many computers in jobs may be upgraded to Windows 10 or higher. Windows 7 restrains kids from being able to use modern sources like 2017 Microsoft Excel, Word, slides, and other things like that, plus the computers are really slow.

The bathroom is an essential renovation that needs to happen. There is graffiti in some of the boy’s bathrooms, with carvings on the toilet seats. The bathrooms are always dirty, especially the boys. An example of the bathrooms, is the bathroom near the lunch tables, which has a gaping hole through the ceiling. The bathroom renovation will let boys and girls be able to use the restroom in a clean environment that is sanitary.

The track on the field should be renovated for obvious reasons. The track is full of weeds and grass, and there is also a lot of trash. The track will be easier to run on than tall grass and holes in the grass during P.E. This also gets people in the spirit of wanting to run. This renovation would be great so kids will have a cleaner and nicer area to run and jog.

The basketball courts are beaten up and old looking. Almost every hoop is missing a net, and the paint on the ground is fading quickly. The basketball hoops are dirty and are unsatisfying to see. No one wants to play with a dirty hoop and faded paint, and students would rather prefer to have a clean court where they can have fun at.

The black top has trash and dirt on it. It is also full of cracks and rocks. The blacktop should be smooth and nice and fun to walk on instead of tripping over a rock every 30 seconds. The new blacktop will allow kids to take pride in the places that they hang out on at school. It will also give the school a more cleanly appearance.

The walkways need major renovating. The concrete and the support bars need to be replaced because it looks very ugly with chipped concrete and writings on the rails. It also smells like a sewer down near the entrance to the lunchroom. The hallways are unkept and dirty. This renovation will allow kids to use the hallways without having to watch what they put their hands on and where they walk.

The paint on the walls and the buildings are coming off, and it looks dilapidated. If the school took the time to repaint the buildings, it would give the school a nicer look a. This renovation just makes the school look a little nicer.

The windows need to be renovated because there is dust and also scratched writing on them. Clean windows will let people feel like this is a clean school and will also be more appealing to many parents. This renovation will make the school not feel like a prison.

The last renovation on this list is the gates. There are many holes and bends in the gates next to the grass. The gates make the school seem like a prison. There are graffiti and writings on some of the gates. The paint on the bars is chipping off quickly. This renovation will also make the school more appealing to look at.

Those are the renovations that need to be done. The school right now is dirty and pitiful. The school would look better and cleaner, and the kids would be more excited to go to a renovated, clean, and more modern school.