Why Lonzo Ball is Better Than Markelle Futlz


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Lonzo Ball

With the first pick in the NBA draft, the Philadelphia 76ers selected Markelle Fultz, who, out of college, was ranked amongst the top of the draft by many analysts. With the second pick, the Lakers stole college superstar Lonzo Ball from UCLA. From that day forward, Lonzo and Fultz have been competing for the top spot amongst rookies. This first 3 weeks of the NBA season has already shown what these brilliant rookies can do. In the Talking Stick Resort Arena, Lonzo finally showed the world what he could do by producing 29 points, 11 rebounds, and 9 assists. This was what Lonzo needed to prove he can play at the highest level of basketball. Fultz, on the other hand, has had his season come to a slow start from injuries. Fultz has never had a game where he scored more than 10 points or passed for more than 3 assists. Though don’t know what Fultz would do if he was 100 percent healthy, can see that Lonzo has already made it clear that he wants respect from the top players in the league.


Markelle Fultz has a few problems with his game, but, if he can correct them, he can become one of the top rookies in the league. Markelle’s main problems include a lack of intensity and an inaccurate shot. Markelle Fultz’s lack of intensity allows for the offence to have space to read the floor and operate. This can occasionally make him a liability on defense. Another main problem Markelle has is his ability to be a consistent three point and mid range shooter. Markelle is often found to be a streaky shooter or someone who can hit a tough shot. But, if Markelle can gain consistency with his shot, he will become an elite guard on the offensive side of the ball


Lonzo also has problems with his game, that if he can fix, he will become a star in the NBA. Lonzo’s main cons out of the draft are that his dad, Lavar, is causing negative attention around the organization and that Lonzo lacks solid perimeter defense. Some might say that having a hype man like Lavar is a good thing for a team as that is what sells seats and buys jerseys. However, Lavar brews hatred in the league, as all players have a target straight on Lonzo’s back. Lavar has only made it harder for Lonzo and the Lakers to develop as a contending team in the West. Another weakness to Lonzo’s game is his perimeter defense. With the Lakers already lacking in that department, choosing Lonzo didn’t help them out. Though Lonzo is great at jumping the passing lanes, he can be easily blown by defenders with a quicker first step. If Lonzo can improve his defense and keep his dad as a hype man only, he can be one of the greatest to ever play the game of basketball.


In conclusion, Lonzo has dealt with  his problems better than Fultz has. Though Fultz has had some unlucky injuries and Lonzo has stayed relatively clean, Lonzo has already proven he is NBA ready. Based on these results, Markelle seems to be unable to even compete on the level of Lonzo.