Yorba Linda Patriots Make it Past the Pop Warner Orange Bowl!


Via Flickr

A football laying on a football field.

“Champions train, losers complain.” The Patriots are one of the Pop Warner football teams in the suburban town of Yorba Linda and have been working hard, without complaining, for about 5 months now. In fact, they are the only Varsity team in the city. The Patriots have only lost two games, and both times, they were up against the Los Alamitos Griffins, the best team in the league. After these two hard games, the boys were afraid of losing once again, but the cheerleaders kept cheering them on. The Yorba Linda Patriots felt a drive in their beaten souls, like a strict coach pushing them to work harder and harder and harder plus use all they had in them, and it, of course, worked! Despite the two hard losses, the Patriots still went to the Pop Warner Orange Bowl, and barely won against the Brea Wildcats, who put up quite a heavy fight.

When the Orange Bowl game started, it looked like the Patriots were going to lose, and their season would be over for good. The Brea Wildcats scored a touchdown without a field goal, the score was 0-6. The score stayed the same for the first 3 quarters, but this extraordinary team made an outstanding comeback! In the fourth quarter, they scored a touchdown plus a field goal, and the crowd went wild. The Patriots were coming back! Then, they scored another, and one more, the crowd was amazed, and the Wildcat fans jaws dropped at the comeback. When this game ended, the Patriots led 24-6, with three touchdowns with field goals in the final quarter. This team is astonishing, earning even the opposing team’s admiration.

On November 18, the Patriots Football team headed down to San Diego for a very important game, which determined whether they would play against Hawaii, as the team will be coming here to CA. With sweaty practices every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, these varsity boys were more than ready to tackle whatever came their way. In fact, the Patriots were especially ready with their amazing quarterback, Zeke Ponce, and their outstanding fullback, Ethan Avalos. With all their players, this football team can conquer any obstacle that stands in their way.

This team went to the arena on the 18th, pumped and ready, and made a miraculous win. They won this game and will be heading over to play Hawaii sometime during the month of December. This team especially has something to be proud of, as they are the best team in all of California!