Should It Be Wrong That Disney Has a Gay Character?


Shakir Superville

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Disney has officially made history with its first gay character. On Friday,  October 27th, the show Andi Mack started its Season 2. Andi Mack is about a 13 year old who believed she lived a normal life with her mom and dad. She later discovered her older sister Bex is actually her mom and her mom is her grandma. She also has a crush on a boy named Jonah Beck and goes through her life with the company of her best friends Buffy Driscoll and Cyrus Goodman.

The last episode of Season 1 ended with fans thinking Cyrus liked Andi. This is because Cyrus seemed sad when Jonah and Andi were friends again, but at the start of Season 2 Cyrus realizes he has feelings for Jonah. In the scene where Cyrus tells Buffy that he likes Jonah, they’re at their favorite hangout place,The Spoon Diner. Buffy is a bit worried since Cyrus hasn’t ordered any tater tots yet and looks really nervous. Obviously Cyrus was scared that Buffy might not like him anymore but, after he told her he liked Jonah she was totally fine with it. Cyrus doesn’t want to tell Andi that he likes Jonah because then they would end up liking the same guy. Even though Buffy really thinks he should tell Andi, she still keeps his secret. Many  support the LGBTQ community which is why I think that it’s great that Disney is showing kids that is okay to be different.

Having a gay relationship on a Disney show is sometimes is considered not appropriate for a 8+ year old, but if the relationship in the show is straight it fine. In other words if a girl has a crush on a boy it’s fine but if a boy had a crush on another boy it’s inappropriate. An example of that is that many of the reviews the show has shows how people liked the show before the gay character, showing that they were fine with a straight relationship, but not a gay one. It’s good that they’re showing this to younger children and shows kids that liking the same sex isn’t wrong or weird and to not judge other people by who they like. Parents like just without the gay character, but the gay character made the show better since it’s the first time one of the main characters is openly gay. I think they’re brave for going out in a very judgmental world and being different. In the end having a gay character in a Disney show was a great idea.