Stars Whose Plastic Surgery Went Wrong

 plastic surgery sign


plastic surgery sign

When stars want a face lift or a new look, they often turn to plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a form of cosmetic surgery. It is done to enhance the appearance of one’s body, but when plastic surgeries go wrong, the effects are disastrous.

Donatella Versace, younger sister of Gianni Versace a well known designer, is a designer herself. Donatella had been considered by many to be good looking in her early years. Later in life she had plastic surgery done. She had a facelift and lip augmentation, very simple procedures. But the plastic surgery went a little too far and ended up turning into a mess. A lot of people consider her ugly now but she would disagree, saying, “ I use tons of cream and take care of my hair and skin.” Others say that it might be taking it a bit too far by saying that she is ugly, but that she definitely is not the natural beauty she once was.

A star on the popular show “Teen Mom”, Farrah Abraham did not even really get to the injection part of her plastic surgery for her lips. Her lip was just being numbed when she had an allergic reaction to the numbing injection. Farrah’s lip grew to about 3 times it’s usual size. She posted an image of it on social media as a warning to other people wanting plastic surgery.

Jocelyn Wildenstein was married to billionaire Alec Wildenstein for 21 years. She has had many, many surgeries. Towards the end of her marriage, Jocelyn felt Alec was losing interest in her. Since Alec loved cats, Jocelyn went under the knife in order to look like a cat. In the end, Alec divorced her. Later she had a boyfriend who was a famous clothes designer, who she attacked with her nails and a pair of scissors. He called her a “beautiful person”, but left her after 13 years.

Beloved Michael Jackson also had plastic surgery. He had several skin lightening sessions and a nose job. Michael had a skin condition called Vitiligo, that causes white blotches on his skin. Over  time the blotches took over most of his skin. He then artificially lightened the skin that had not gone white and he may have overdid his nose job. He ended up looking unrecognizable from when he was younger compared to his death.

Michaela Romanini an Italian socialite, was once considered the prettiest in Italy, but after lip collagen injections and botox, she looks puffy, waxy, and her lips were over injected. After she had a lip injection she became obsessed and kept on getting injections. Sadly, she is unrecognizable and is no longer considered the prettiest in Italy.

All plastic surgery comes with a risk and even stars get botched surgeries by unprofessional doctors.These people may not be considered good looking, but remember it’s not the outside that matters, it’s what is in the inside that does.