How Horror Movies are Taking Over Hollywood



horror picture

The genre of horror has been around for awhile now. From subtle and disturbing ideas to downright terror, horror films are bound to get one’s heart racing. While it be from fear or excitement, or both, most viewers enjoy watching horror films for the thrill more than the actual storyline. Today, horror is on the rise. Horror films like It, Happy Death Day, and Get Out are making it into the limelight. Perhaps it is the overused action and love stories that now bore viewers. Classic Hollywood features like action-packed DC and Marvel films and Disney movies are being pushed out of the way by a more popular genre, horror movies..


Creating successful, and profitable, movies is a complex part of the Hollywood industry. Movies made are only successful based on the amount of viewers and popularity. Hollywood must adjust to viewer preference and public trends. However it seems like movie industries are struggling with coming up with new ideas. Most of the popular movies that have been coming out so far have already been thought of before. Remakes are pretty common in the industry, from the many Disney films like Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella, to Marvel/DC films like Spiderman: Homecoming and Deadpool. In other words, movies that were originally stories and/or comics are very common. There is no denying that Hollywood is not on a shortage of remakes.


Viewers are searching for something new; something that can make them feel things they might have never felt before. Horror films satisfy viewer’s need for new experiences. While there are many common horror movies that use topics like haunted houses and exorcisms, movies that have different or new perspectives on horror have become extremely popular. It, The Babadook, and The Vvitch introduce horrific ideas that haven’t been thought of before. Maybe it is because of the peculiar and strange way these movies introduce horror that attract viewers. While The Babadook and The Vvitch may not be as popular It, they are still worthy of the horror genre.


The Hollywood industry has slightly changed their way of entertainment from enjoyment to fear. Perhaps it is the way horror films get one’s’ blood pumping or the thrill that captivates viewers. Horror films are on the rise. However, this raises the question: Will the genre of horror take over Hollywood?