math equations, symbols, and drawings

Mathcounts is a competition program for 6-8 graders. Mathcounts challenges the teams to really use their brains. It was founded in 1983 . Mathcounts is a way to make new friends and to bond with old ones because your team needs to work together to solve the math problems. There are many competitions but the main event is in May. The final teams or kids are chosen but space is limited and only 224 kids are selected from 56 different states.


There are different types of competitions, they have spirit rounds which  is a written exam with 30 problems in 40 minutes and is done individually. In target rounds they are given 2 problems to solve on pairs and are allowed to use calculators. They have team rounds which have 10 questions and have to be solved in 20 minutes and are harder than the others because your whole team solves the problem. It improves team work because you can’t just speak out at any time and your team needs to work that out. They have countdown rounds where two people try to solve the problem on the board, the person who solves the problem first wins. They have master rounds which only the top contestants can participate in. They are given 30 minutes to develop a 15 minute presentation and is judged. Lastly there are ciphering rounds which the school send the top person in the school to the competition and they have to answer a question on the board and have to answer the question first and correctly.


Mathcounts is an enrichment program and and help kids engage in critical thinking. Mathcounts has been noticed by multiple presidents Barack Obama, George W Bush, William J Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Ronald W. Reagan.  Mathcounts is a fun after school activity if you want to gets your math grades up then Mathcounts is the right group to join because Mathcounts improves your teamwork, your leadership, organization skills, and your grades because you have to work in teams in different competitions and challenges your mind. If you want to join Mathcounts that would not be a bad choice because of the reasons that are stated in this article. Overall Mathcounts is an enrichment program that will further your knowledge about math, teamwork, organizational skills and will make you enjoy math.