Top 5 Restaurants in Orange County


via Wikimedia Commons

Delicious shrimp dumplings from Din Tai Fung.

Orange County has many restaurants that appeal to people of all preferences. Orange County has varieties of restaurants from Italian to Chinese food, each bringing their own flare. With so many restaurants, each needs to be on point or they will likely fail.

  1. What’s Up Men – What’s Up Men is a ramen shop off f State College. It is known for its fantastic ramen, karaage chicken, and takoyaki. While it is only open during lunch and dinner time hours, and is very crowded during those times, What’s Up Men is a must try place that anyone can enjoy.  What’s Up Men will not disappoint as it meets all the standards to being a great restaurant: wonderful food, great service, and a welcoming atmosphere.


  1. Sabroso – Sabroso is an authentic, casual Mexican grill off Harbor Blvd. Sabroso has been a family owned restaurant since day one and has skyrocketed in popularity recently partly because Guy Fieri highlighted the restaurant on his Food Network show Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. Ever since, Sabroso has been showing the world what they are capable of by serving authentic Mexican food.


  1. Piccolino – Piccolino is a fine dining Italian restaurant in Mission Viejo. It takes pride in serving traditional Italian food that makes customers feel as if they are in the center of Italy. Each waiter also takes pride in the way that they serve, creating a calming, peaceful atmosphere. Piccolino is famous for their pizzas, pasta, and fresh caught seafood. Piccolino is a one of a kind restaurant that provides superb food and atmosphere.


  1. Din Tai Fung – Din Tai Fung is a Chinese restaurant that has multiple restaurants in California and across the world. Din Tai Fung was originated in China and gained so much popularity that it was brought to the United States. Here, Din Tai Fung has only grown in popularity, as often times there is a  wait of over an hour. Din Tai Fung serves up traditional chinese dishes unlike anything else found in California. They have great service and each of their locations make you feel like you are dining in a restaurant in China. When searching for delicious Chinese food,come  to Din Tai Fung.


  1. Foo Foo Tei – Foo Foo Tei is a small ramen shop in Hacienda Heights that has some of the best ramen in the area. Foo Foo Tei is another family owned business that brings traditional Japanese style cooking to America. It is best known for its creamy ramen, which is  ramen in a broth that has been cooked with pork bones for about a week. This process causes  the ramen to be even creamier then if it had been been cooked with milk. Besides this dish, Foo Foo Tei also has excellent service and other great dishes . Everyone is recommended to try Foo Foo Tei.

It is clear to see that  Orange County has many restaurants that are at the top of their class. All of Orange County’s restaurants are wonderful and bring their own personal flare to their cuisines. Whenever an opportunity to try one of these restaurants arises, it is highly recommended that one should try it!