Security Experts Predict Changes in the Wake of the Las Vegas Shooting

Las Vegas shooting location

via Wikimedia Commons

Las Vegas shooting location

On the first of October, 2017, a gunman by the name of Stephen Paddock, unleashed his fury of gunfire on to a nearby concert at the Las Vegas Strip. This 64 year old man fired hundreds of rifle rounds from the Mandalay Bay Hotel onto the nearby concertgoers who were attending the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. Paddock killed 59 people including himself and injured 546 people. At 9:59 P.M, Paddock shot a hotel guard responding to an alarm on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay. The unsuspecting guard was shot in the leg but did not die. He alerted others of the gunman’s location. At 10:05 P.M, Paddock sprayed his bullets into the crowd. During this time, he also shot at many fuel tanks at the nearby airport, hitting one. The gunfire lasted for about 10 minutes until the police found Paddock dead in his room. Many suspect this was a suicide, murder act.

The police are now trying to retrace Paddock’s steps in Las Vegas. Police say that Paddock checked into the hotel three days earlier than originally reported. He also was seen gambling the night before the massacre. Some new answers to this mystery have been found but the main question is yet to be a mystery, “Why?”  They stated that they did not see him with anyone and that he was alone. Many wonder about the security systems of hotels and how to increase a hotel’s security. Paddock took many guns and got through the Mandalay Bay security. Police say they need to get used to it very quickly because it’s coming, not only bag checks but magnetometers as well.

The Las Vegas shooting is the deadliest mass shooting in modern history. Peter Yachmetz, a 29-year veteran of the FBA says that prevention of such a shooting would be difficult. He predicted that the hotel staff would have increased training to identify suspicious people.

Paddock had his mass murder planned. He selected a hotel room overlooking the music festival. He hid 23 weapons inside his suite and had thousands of rounds of ammunition. Paddock set up cameras inside his hotel suite and the hallway. Clark County sheriff thinks Paddock used it to watch people approaching his room.  Paddock also booked other hotels with large gatherings of people to shoot around Las Vegas.  Police want higher security for the hotels. Many changes will be made in the wake of the Las Vegas shootings.