Should Animal Testing be Considered Animal Cruelty?


via Pixabay

Scientist holding a laboratory rat

An estimated 26 million animals are tested every year in the United States for scientific and commercial uses. The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) does not protect 95% of the testings that are done and doesn’t prevent cases of animal abuse from happening. Also, most tests are useless and take lives of the animals. Most importantly, these animals are living beings and can feel pain like humans do.

   The Animal Welfare Act is a law that was signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson on the 24th of August in 1966. Although the purpose of this law is to regulate the treatment of animals in research, it can’t prevent animal abuse from happening inside labs. AWA uses the 3 R’s standing for replacement, reduction, and refinement. Replacement means that, unless an animal must be tested a computer simulation can be used. Reduction means that only a small amount of animals will be used. Refinement means to minimize the animal’s pain as much as possible. Even though the AWA protects around 1,135,000 animals used for testing, around 25 million other animals are not covered. These animals are helpless to mistreatment and abuse. The other 95% of animal testing corporations laugh at the idea of protecting animals like birds, mice, and rats, and viciously torture these poor animals.

   Most tests that take place ultimately have no benefit or result and don’t do anything except make animals suffer. In 2009, 87% of animals that were being tested in the US and UK either died during or after the test. The other 13% of animals usually suffered after the test until they died too. A situation that occurs often is that scientists misjudge the amount of drugs  animals can take and accidentally administer a lethal amount to a number of animals. After the experiment, the scientists can’t tell if the drug is good or bad, so the animals die in testing with no end product from the experiment.  These poor animals are being sacrificed just to gain research and knowledge.

   Animal testing is completely malicious and brutal towards all animals. These poor animals are forced through agonizing testing and procedures and are not taken care of. Rodents like mice and rats get inflicted by many burns and wounds just to observe their healing process. Other tests include neck breaking, decapitation, and suffocation to observe effects and remedies. The Draize eye test involves rabbits having their eyes help open by clips for multiple days at a time so they can’t obstruct the substances being tested. This test has a 50% rate of death.

   Animal testing should be stopped for good and more people should support the AWA so the percentage of AWA users is increased. So many animals die to animal testing and it is inhumane to torture these animals.