Is the Ball Family Overrated?


Wikimedia Commons

Lonzo Ball dribbling

“With the second pick in the 2017 NBA draft, the Los Angeles Lakers select… Lonzo Ball out of UCLA.” Laker fans everywhere were calling him the next Magic before he even played a single second in the NBA. In an interview, Lavar Ball commented, “Lonzo’s better than Steph Curry to me. Put Steph Curry on UCLA’s team right now and put my boy on Golden State and watch what happens.” Along with Lonzo, Lamelo, the youngest son, already has his own shoe brand. The middle brother, Liangelo, stars in the TV show “Ball In the Family” with his other family members. None of the three brothers are allowed to drink yet.

The Ball Brothers are overrated, but only because their dad, Lavar Ball, has talked so highly of them. All of the three brothers have amazing talent, but (like every player) they have some flaws.

First let’s talk about the youngest son, Lamelo. He is a lights-out shooter from anywhere on the court. His ball handling is amongst the best college players and shows exceptional talent, as he is only a Junior in highschool. His style of play really pumps up the crowd and his teammates, however, his game still has many flaws. One of them includes his lack of size/athleticism. This makes it very hard to drive through the lane and finish in traffic, especially against bigger guys. Another one of his flaws is that he always needs the ball in his hands. There is a video of his dad throwing the ball at him, saying, “Here, hold the ball because you are so used to it.” Lamelo is also a “wild boy”. He does things that are a little bit foolish and childish, but Lamelo has the potential to be a future star if he can fix these issues.

The middle son, Liangelo, is a big force that can score off the dribble. He is the biggest and strongest out of the three brothers, making it easy for him to post up any smaller guys. Liangelo is also a decent shooter from anywhere on the court. He, for the past couple of years, has been alternating between being the #1 or #2 option on his teams. However, he may struggle to become a supporting role on an NBA team. Despite this, Liangelo can be a good supporting cast player if he makes it to the NBA.

The star of the three brothers, Lonzo Ball, is a playmaker. His form doesn’t look great, but if the ball goes through the net, it doesn’t matter. As they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” He is a pass first point guard that benefits not only himself but his whole team. He is often compared to former star player Jason Kidd, as he has almost exactly the same numbers as Kidd in college, and they have similar ways of play. Lonzo is set out to be a star for sure.

The Ball Brothers look amazing and, if Lavar continues his money making scheme, they can be the future of the NBA and clothing game.