Why There Should Be No Homework on Halloween



Someone doing their homework on Halloween

Halloween. The holiday for friends and families to go and enjoy company with one another while going door-to-door asking people for candy. It’s the holiday where kids get to enjoy having a sugar overload and parents having to worry about it the next day, but as much fun as this celebration  is, it can also be pretty tiring. Instead of having a day where kids can just relax and dress up as whatever they want to be, they are often on a time crunch and are only allowed to trick-or-treat for a short period of time or only after they’ve finished their homework. Halloween is a holiday, and there shouldn’t be any homework given.

To start off, Halloween only comes once every year. It offers both students and teachers a chance to relax and take a break from all their schoolwork. Although school can be fun, it can also be extremely  exhausting. Halloween with no homework can relieve students and teachers’ stress and allow them to enjoy just one work-free night with their kids, friends, parents, and more. This spooky holiday allows students to express their creativity through their costumes, and to go hang out and trick-or-treat with their friends. The life of a teacher can be stressful, but if they don’t pass out homework on Halloween, it means one less paper to grade. Additionally, Halloween is different from any other holiday. Unlike most other holidays where people are forced to wear formal attire, Halloween is the holiday where anyone can dress up as anything, unicorns, zombies, cats, superheroes, and more. It gives children the chance to expand their imagination and adults and teens to have fun.

Another reason why there shouldn’t be homework on Halloween is because people may have other activities occurring outside of school. For example, some students or teachers could have a church event going on and they could be volunteering. If they have homework, then it either means they’ll either have to finish it late at night or they won’t be able to volunteer as long. Homework would just cause more stress and no one wants to come home after a long day of school and work and still have to complete their homework.

Halloween should be a time of laughter and fun. It’s one of the few holidays where kids are allowed to just go and be kids. Homework and school shouldn’t affect that. Going to school on Halloween is okay because it shouldn’t affect people’s education, but every now and then it’s okay to not pass out homework.