UFO Sightings


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The widely recognized rendition of an alien

 People have always thought that UFO sightings are all just frauds and fake news. The National UFO Reporting Center says otherwise. UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) have been considered fake news for many years and sometimes if they’re a possible alien threat the military almost always covers it up. Many UFO sightings have been reported around the world but these next 3 UFO sightings will really make question if aliens are real.


   The first UFO sighting was on March 13, 1997, and was in Phoenix, Arizona. On this date, mysterious lights formed into a V formation and thousands of people including Governor Fife Symington (the 19th governor of Phoenix Arizona). Rumors about the “Phoenix Lights” kept on going for 4 months until the Maryland Air National Guard claimed to be running an exercise over Phoenix called “Operation Snowbird” with 10 planes flying in a V formation. On April 21, a movie called Phoenix Forgotten based solely on “Phoenix Lights” hit the theatres. This movie was about three teens who went to the desert with their cameras to look for more lights. They vanished, and their later found footage creates the movie itself. Former Governor Fife Symington laughed at the theory of a UFO taking the teens but later told the public that he believed these “lights” were not from this world.   


Another alien sighting was on December 9, 1965, a giant wood block that looked very close to an acorn landed in the woods outside, Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. This alien craft was almost the size of a car and was covered in the writing that looked like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. The locals in the area claim that the military came in, secured the area, and took off with on a truck. Later on, the military publicly denied finding anything in the woods. A local newspaper told the story of this event confirming the sighting and landing of a UFO and the military cleaning up the scene but the newspaper was changed and the newspaper later said that nothing was found in the woods.


The next UFO sighting was seen on the evening of March 24, 1983, when 3,000 residents in Hudson Valley called a local UFO organization hotline reported seeing a large V-shaped array of lights that were moving slowly and silently through the sky. Some witnesses say that it was big enough to be called a flying city. Another local named Hunt Middleton stepped off a bus in New York City told reporters was he saw. He said that there were six to seven lights that were blinking on and off and were red, blue, green, and white. He knew this wasn’t a normal aircraft because the lights were stationary and hovering in the sky.

 The alien lights, alien city, and giant space acorn are just some of the alien sightings all around the world. If alien are out there are they friendly or just ruthless? Whatever the answer we need to do something about it.