Should Kraemer Have Competitive Sports?



Competitive sport trophies

Most middle schools have competitive sports, where one school competes with another in a sport. Kraemer Middle School has some athletic clubs such as the long distance running club, the dance team, and the colorguard team that represents the school, but where are all the other competitive sports clubs? Education is very important for students, but physical education is an equally crucial factor for young teens.  Most kids these days stay at home sitting on the couch or bed, binge watching tv and eating a large amount of junk food which is unhealthy for them. Students hardly even go outside to physically move. Kraemer Middle School should have competitive sports because it can help students interact with others, be healthy, and learn more about teamwork.

One example of a school that has competitive sports is D. Russell Parks Middle School. Having students participate in this kind of program will not only benefit them but also the school. Kids tend to rebel against the rules at school but when they are out playing, they will be encouraged to play by the rules and take the victory. It will help students have good sportsmanship.  Teenagersfear competitionand this program will help them not fear it. Competitive sports is neither good or bad; it all depends on how a person views it. In a way competition sets up a child for the real world, encouraging them that they can do anything if they try,  to never give up, and to always look on the positive side.

In the future when a student has a career, this competition will benefit them in many ways.This program teaches teenagers to set a goal which is an important factor in life. Students will want to achieve something during a competitive game, like scoring a goal. Being committed to these activities in school will teach them to be committed in whatever they do in the future. An important factor in a child’s life is the support of family. Participating in competitive games provide an additional opportunity for families to spend time together in a positive manner. Children will learn that doing their best is always important and it will give them the motivation to always give their best in life. In school it will give students time to interact with their peers and teachers. For instance there would be friends cheering on their classmates, taking photos, and it also will give the school something to remember. Competitive sports is a great experience for students to have. Having competitive sports in Kraemer Middle School will benefit the school, teachers, and the students that go there.