The History of In-N-Out


via Wikimedia Commons

In-N-Out's iconic logo.

In-N-Out Burger is a restaurant that was started in California in 1948 by a man named Harry Snyder. It has a simple menu with simple but delicious burgers, crispy fries and a decent array of drinks. In-N-Out is very popular because it is family friendly, clean, and delivers tasty food for a notably cheap price. There are now over 300 restaurants in the country, with many of those found in California. The collective annual revenue made from the many restaurants comes to around 575 million. In-N-Out has come a long way since 1948 with changes to the restaurants and additions to the menu.   


One of the first changes to In-N-Out was in 1948 when Harry Snyder introduced order speakers. These order speakers notified customers that their orders were ready inside restaurants, and allowed the use of drive-throughs. Another change made by In-N-Out was when they upgraded their logo in 1954. The first logo was just a block with the name. However, the new logo incorporated an easily recognizable arrow associated with their name.The new logo represents pride, no delay, and we work under the same arrow. In-N-Out treats all their workers with respect.


In-N-Out has changed the menu throughout the years. In 1961, they made a new style of burger called animal style, where they cook the patty with mustard, add hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, pickle, extra spread and grilled onions. They added this new style because of customer request. Also, in 1963, they added a Double-Double, which is double patty and cheese everything. It quickly became one of their most popular menu items. Sadly, in 1976, Harry Snyder, the founder, died in December and his sons Rich and Guy Snyder took over as presidents. Over the course of their presidency, they added milkshakes, root beer floats, and bun doughnuts. They also made it so that customers can have their patty cooked a certain way, like medium rare. They also have a vegetarian burger that includes grilled cheese or a veggie burger. None of the food products are ever frozen at In-N-Out. Rich Snyder died on December 15, 1993. Seven years later, Guy Snyder died on December 4, 1999.


In-N-Out is opening new stores every year. On May 3rd, 2000, Arizona opened their first In-N-Out restaurant. In 2005, In-N-Out marked their 200th restaurant in California and opened its 300th restaurant in the country in 2015. In-N-Out even has secret a menu that adds delicious twists to the original item. Try a secret menu item the next time! Overall, people like to eat at In-N-Out because it has consistent, basic menu, has a clean, welcoming inside and is friendly for the whole family.