Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Steuber

Staff Spotlight:  Mrs. Steuber

Mrs. Steuber is currently the Language Arts teacher for 8th grade GATE and 7th grade honors and college prep, and focuses on teaching her students about American literature and history. It is her second year teaching at Kraemer and really enjoys it because of the staff as well as her students. She is a great teacher with a fun and optimistic personality, and is always ready to encourage and teach her students. She has been teaching for about 13 years and has taught at Esperanza, adult schools, and after taking some time off to stay home and take care of her kids, she is back and now teaches at Kraemer. Before she decided to come to Kraemer, Mrs. Stueber and  her husband were offered two jobs, both in different cities. They considered both options and in the end, she decided that she would come and teach at Kraemer because it had a better environment, as well as educational opportunities. Within the classroom, Mrs. Stueber teaches her students about different concepts and vocabulary terms, such as the American Dream, through focused notes, group activities, and class discussions.  She lives with her husband, Mr. Steuber, and her 3 kids, Jack, Nate, and Kate. Mrs. Steuber grew up in Yorba Linda and attended Glenview Elementary, Bernardo Yorba Middle School, and Esperanza High School. Growing up, she, for the most part, wanted to become a teacher, but there were a few times when she thought about becoming either a music therapist or a speech pathologist.

Some of Mrs. Steuber’s hobbies include going bike riding, camping, and playing the piano. She isn’t too crazy about watching movies and instead enjoys reading. She doesn’t have a particular favorite book, and just loves to read pretty much anything and everything  in general.  If Mrs. Steuber were to be granted a dream vacation, she would want to travel around the country in an RV.  She isn’t too keen on candy, and instead enjoys eating healthier fresh foods such as vegetables, salsa, and spring rolls. In fact, she has currently been into Asian cuisine and is learning how to make different dishes. Her favorite holiday is Christmas because she enjoys seeing all the different colored lights.

Mrs. Steuber is a fantastic teacher who offers her students the chance to become better writers, students, and people. She is a great addition to the Kraemer community and will hopefully continue teaching at Kraemer for many years to come. If you ever see Mrs. Stueber on campus, make to sure hi and let her know that she is awesome!