Is the New Year’s Resolution Tradition Fading Away?


The famous question asked by everyone in the New Year is always, “what’s your New Year’s resolution?” Most people don’t follow this tradition of creating a goal for the new year as shown when I asked Kraemer students what their resolutions were, many answered by bluntly saying they didn’t have one. When I asked Lauren Greenbaum, 8th grade student, what her new year’s goal was this year she responded, “I don’t have one.” Why is it that this tradition seems to be ending? Is it that kids don’t want to set goals for themselves?

Although most students didn’t set a goal for the New Year, a few handful of students actually made a resolution. Courtney Trigg, fellow newspaper staff member, said that, “I would like to drink more water and eat healthier.” One student said they would like to be more friendly with people and less shy. Other students said that they wanted to play more video games or become organized, one student even said they wanted to get faster at typing, but the number one resolution for 2014 made by students was to eat healthier and exercise more.

According to an anonymous poll many students said they didn’t have a goal for the new year, but what shocked me was the reasons why students don’t set goals for themselves. Many students said they “just don’t care.” But one extremely shocking answer I received was when one student who said, “I don’t really intend to fulfill anything which will possibly even get dropped within a week.” Is it true that people merely set a new year’s resolution just because it’s a tradition and not because they genuinely want to set a goal for the new year?