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Student Spotlight: Yunnie K.

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Yunnie K. is currently a seventh grader attending Kraemer Middle School. On campus, she is known for being a kind and dependable friend, with a fun, cheerful personality. She is a creative student who enjoys making music in her free time and listening to music, with her favorite style being pop. Because of her passion for music, she also loves singing and takes choir here at Kraemer as one of her electives. Her other elective which also expresses her musical interest is orchestra, in which she plays the violin. At school, she is a hard working and intelligent student, who enjoys all of her classes, with her favorite being social studies because she likes learning about history and different cultures of the past. Although she loves all her teachers equally, Mrs. Zamora is one of Yunnie’s favorites because of her bright and engaging personality. In addition to being academically talented, she is also well-rounded in other areas besides academics, such as being a member on the junior varsity colorguard team.

Yunnie’s loving family consists of her dad, Dean, her mom, Sunny, her older sister, Jinnie, and her adorable 5 year old purebred maltese, Marsh. Westing Game, by Ellen Raskin and So B It by Sarah Weeks are two of her favorite books to read and Once Upon a Time is her favorite T.V. show because of its interesting plot and characters. Italian cuisine is Yunnie’s favorite food and she also enjoys jolly ranchers and any sour candies. Although she has been to many different places worldwide, including Hawaii, Cancun, Hong Kong, Los Cabos, and Korea she still loves to travel and hopes to visit Europe because of its diverse culture and breath-taking scenery. She also aspires to visit every state in the U.S. as another goal.  

During her free time, Yunnie enjoys watching Netflix to unwind, listening to her favorite songs, and drawing. Outside of school, she takes piano and violin lessons, encouraging her musical talent. In the future, Yunnie hopes to attend her dream college, Princeton University and graduate and become a professional singer as her occupation. Yunnie is an overall passionate and caring student, who will always take the time to help a friend out. According to seventh grade student and one of Yunnie’s best friends, Ellie P. says, “Yunnie is a really fun person to hang out with and I’m so glad she is my friend!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                               



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Student Spotlight: Yunnie K.