The Internet



Wires connected to a computer.

The Internet has changed our life upside down. It has changed communications, to the extent that it is now our preferred use of communication. In almost everything we do, we use the Internet. For instance, watching a important video, ordering a pizza, buying a phone, or even sharing a picture with a friend. Before the Internet, if people wanted to keep up with news, they had to walk to a local newspaper stand in the morning and buy the a local newspaper reporting of what had happened the day before. However, today a click is enough to read any news source from anywhere in the world that is updated up to minutes.


Reason for the internet

The research originally started from the U.S. government during the 1960s and the intention was to enable top secret information to be shared across the U.S quickly. The first systems that were developed, however, did not begin to resemble the modern Internet until the 1980s when funding from the National Science Foundation, along with support from private and commercial interests, led to the creation of new systems that were capable of merging with other existing networks. By the 1990s, the transformation often referred to as the “commercialization” of the Internet occurred and led to its involvement in nearly every aspect of modern day-to-day life.


Life without the internet

Today if someone were to take our internet away most people would be mad, while some will accept living without the internet. Well first and foremost, every teenager would be screaming because they can’t get onto Instagram or any other social media apps. Secondly, adults would be confused because they aren’t aware of what’s happening around them about the news. Lastly, little kids would be mad because they cannot watch Elmo on youtube. However, some people may not be as mad as others. Some people hardly use the Internet, to the point where they don’t even need it.


The Help of the Internet

The internet also helped create new innovations for the world. One major invention that the internet helped with was the world wide web where people can look up information that they need. Another invention that was important from the internet is texting. Texting is important because without this, people cannot communicate with others.


If people were to ask others about how the internet is useful, they would say it helps us communicate with each other as well as keep us updated with the news around the world. Also the internet helped the world create more inventions such as texting and the world wide web. Ryan H as student here at Kraemer says, “Without the internet I don’t know how I would survive”