Everything Wrong With Everything, Everything


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Madeline has been trapped inside her house for 18 years of her life, due to a disease that might kill her if she steps outside her house. Everything changes one day as her new neighbor, Olly, shows up. The book and movie is loved by many people, but the storyline may be a little unrealistic and untrue.

The Ending
At the end of Everything, Everything, Madeline finds out that she is not sick and runs away to be with her true love. Predictable, right? Well, this shows that in order to get a happy ending, people have to be healthy, or not sick. This sounds nice until people realize that people who are sick may never be healthy. Making someone healthy, or in this case never having an illness, gives out another message: happy endings aren’t for sick people. People who are sick deserve love, happiness, and their own stories from beginning to end.

The Illness
SCID, the disease that Madeline has, is very real and tragic but there’s one problem with it in the movie. Madeline spends 18 years of her life trapped inside her house, wouldn’t she eventually find out she doesn’t have the disease? Some symptoms of SCID include poor growth, rashes, and recurrent thrush in the mouth which start when the infant is born. In the timeline of three months, the infant with the disease has to have a transplant in order to have a successful outcome. Without treatment, and infant with the disease can die within a year. People can find all this information on the internet, which she has. Madeline’s mother has many papers filled with information about her illness. At the end of the movie, Madeline finds out that none of the papers actually state that she has SCID. Why wouldn’t she have looked at them earlier?

The Romance
After a couple days of texting and seeing each other, Madeline finds out her love for Olly. In the movie, Madeline says, “When I talk to him, I feel like I’m outside”. Wait a minute, doesn’t outside mean instant death and inside means staying alive? In addition, Olly wears all black, while Madeline wears all white. Black is a sign of protection, elegance, dramatic, evil, and mystery. White is a sign of purity, innocence, clean, isolation, loneliness. Madeline’s mother even says, “Doomed love is a part of your life”. Doomed is defined as likely to have an unfortunate outcome; ill-fated. This all means that the love between Olly and Madeline can kill her.

Everything, Everything was, in fact, a great movie to watch and was very entertaining. These facts are just some of the reasons why the storyline may be a little unrealistic. Kraemer student Rebecca P. gives her opinion on the story saying, “I loved reading the book, it was a great story. Although, I never really thought about the storyline too much and how it was a little unrealistic. Either way, I can’t wait to go see the movie!”