U2 Background and Tour


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U2 is an Irish band that became popular in 1972; 44 years after their first big hit they are still admired. The band’s interesting future and past make for an unexpected and inspiring story. The band is still taking world tours and making a difference. This is the story behind the band U2.

2017 Tour
U2 is just starting their Joshua Tree tour. During this tour, they will go through California, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, United Kingdom, Germany, Rome, France, and much more. Almost all of the tickets are sold out, and the stadiums are filled to the brim. They performed in the Rose Bowl, which seats 92,542, on Saturday the 20th of May; all of the seats were sold out. Once in Rome, they will play at the Olympic Stadium.

The Beginning
U2 is a rock band that originated in Dublin. Larry Mullen Jr., 14, had posted a note on a bulletin board at the local high school, looking for musicians to start a new band. A few people responded and they began a band after school and during their free time. They named the band “The Hype”. They quickly renamed the band U2. Soon in the year 1978 their big break finally happened with the opportunity to perform in a talent show in Ireland. With CBS’s help, U2 earned the prize money along with studio time. Once out of high school the band had all the time to perform at shows and spend time in the studio. They released an album on September 26, 1979, called U2:3 and left for London. The crowds in London were harder to please, and the band struggled to get along. There is a lot more to U2’s background, as this was just the very beginning of the legendary band.

Band Members
Bono- Bono is the nickname for Paul Hewson, the band’s guitarist and lead singer. Paul has been with U2 since 1976, when he was 17. His mother died when he was only 14. Bono is an outgoing, confident asset to the band.

The Edge- Dave Evans is the guitarist for U2, and is a huge part of the band. The Edge’s skill on the guitar is amazing. He has two siblings and lived in Dublin since he was one year old. He was the first to respond to Larry’s note that was posted at his high school.

Adam Clayton- Adam’s family settled in Ireland when he was five years old. Adam plays the bass guitar, but as a young man, he was promoted to take piano lessons. He quickly lost interest and began playing the guitar.

Larry Mullen Jr.- Larry was the band member who decided to put up a poster advertising a band. He was the drummer for the band. Larry, like Adam Clayton, had taken piano lessons. He quit and was taught drumming by Joe Bonnie, the best drum teacher in Ireland. When Joe passed away his daughter continued teaching Larry. He said that there is no way to teach his drumming style, and it all comes from within.

U2 is an amazing band with one of the largest fan bases ever. Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen are all amazing performers. They really know how to rock the house. Kraemer student Margaux W. stated that, “U2 is a pretty cool band, their music is really fun to listen to.” U2 is a legend, and they will always be remembered for being an amazing band.