Innocent Girl is Yanked Into the Water by a Sea Lion!


via CNN

Girl being grabbed by the sea lion

On May 20, a poor little girl experienced a horrific experience while at sea. Off one of the seas of Richmond, British Columbia of Vancouver, a little girl was on a boat when a sea lion attacked her, with a lot of power and with such a quick swipe. The adorable little girl was wearing a floral summer dress and cute glasses during her time at sea. The sea lion was attracted to the people on the boat because there was food being thrown off of the boat to the sea lion. Immediately attracted to the boat, the sea lion lingered around, most likely seeking more food and more attention. Before the young child was pulled into the water, the little girl originally stared at the sea lion from a distance, less close to the edge of the boat then when she was actually pulled in. She was still pretty close to the edge because when the sea lion attacked the first time, she pointed her index finger at it, almost as if she was trying to pet it. The young child seems to be enjoying her time with this irresistible animal by laughing and smiling along with others travelers on the boat.

Sounds of cameras clicking and sounds of awe were captured in the video taken by one of the people on the boat, capturing the moments when tourists were amazed by the sea lion’s abnormal size. Officials say that the girl should not have even been sitting on the edge of the boat because she could have fallen in since she was wearing a medium length dress which could have easily been snapped at and pulled down by the sea lion.  Soon enough when the sea lion rose up close to the little girl once again, the child became more interested and really wanted to get an up-close view of the what seemed to be a cute sea lion.

With just a quick swipe, the little child was yanked underwater, in an extremely close range of the sea lion. The sea lion pulled her white dress and in just a split second, the girl was in the water. Everyone on the boat was in terror and also in shock seeing such an unexpected event to happen. From the video shared by one of the people on the boat, Michael Fujiwara, the sound of people screaming while in shock and also for fear for the young child. One man on the boat, which officials believe may be a relative of the girl yet still unidentified, immediately jumped into the water to save the child. Sure enough, the man was able to safely get the girl back onto the boat immediately, seeing that there was so much commotion.

After the crazy incident, she was quickly lifted back onto the boat and from the video; the girl seems to be traumatized and in complete shock from the event. Still unidentified, the little child and her family immediately left the area where she was attacked, with faces of shock and disbelief. Sea lions are not seen to be dangerous and harm-causing animals for the most case. One lieutenant says that attacks by sea lions to humans are very rare. Officials state that the incident was purely in the hands of the girl’s parents because they should have been watching their daughter. It is possible that the sea lion believed that the child’s dress looked like a piece of food to the animal.

The video posted from Michael Fujiwara has been posted on YouTube and shared and watched by many people, currently with millions of views. The Steveston Harbor Authority wants to remind everyone once again that no one should be feeding the animals that frequently visit the seaside area since then the animal would only feel more encouraged and believe that simply looking cute would win their way to food. Their statement said that “While we appreciate that seeing wildlife can be exciting, we stress that feeding wildlife is both illegal and dangerous!” as well as “Also, keep in mind that feeding wildlife can also be extremely detrimental to the animals themselves, as they may learn to associate humans as an easy source of food, which can lead to them not being able to successfully secure food in the wild.” The authorities want the public to know that they do not want these sea animals to be relying so heavily on the food given right to them because then they will not be able to truly survive on their own.  Current Kraemer Middle School eighth grader Siena P. says, “This is so surprising and I would’ve never imagined this to happen!”.