Nintendo 2DS XL



Mario and Luigi

Many want the new 3DS XL, with its glasses-free 3D (a feature that allows the gamer to play games in 3D without the use of specialized glasses) function, new buttons (that allows one to play certain games in a different way), and its exclusive line of games that are enhanced. But some people just don’t want to pay the high $199 price for the console. So how did Nintendo respond to this? By making a new console that would combine the new 3DS XL along with a friendly price.


The 2DS XL is Nintendo’s new console, and just like its predecessor, it is meant to combine features of the newest DS into a budget friendly console. The 2DS XL has some really nice upgraded features like the new C stick (which is a new circular pad developed for new ways of playing some games) and a screen that is able to fold unlike the original 2DS. This allows the new console to have the ability to play new games and be portable, opposed to the 2DS.


This new console looks completely different and actually a lot cooler than its original. First off, the screen is foldable making it portable. This will allow users to put the console inside of their pockets or put it inside of a case (which the 2DS did not allow because it a flat console). Secondly, the screen is different from all of the recent DSs. The screen on the 2DS XL seems like it is made out of glass and it has a better and cleaner look. The speakers that used to be on the screen were moved to a different spot as well as the cameras that were on the front and back (now located in the middle of the truss bar connector). Another difference would be the locations of the main components. The home button that used to be in the bottom middle of the touchscreen is now located to the left, and the area where one would insert the cartridge would be located at the bottom of the console underneath a panel. The cover of the new DS has a modern look to it  with its diagonal stripes and blue color around the sides. The exterior looks slick and exciting at the same time. The design of the console is new and different for Nintendo as the old consoles only had a solid color while this console has two colors.


The 2DS XL is planned to be released on July 28 this year in North America, while it is going to be released in other countries a month earlier. The price is aimed to be at around $149.99, which is cheaper than the new 3DS XL as mentioned. As the sixth 3DS Nintendo system, the company hopes that the console will appeal to the younger generation. KMS student Patrick C.  says: “I think that the 2DS XL is a great handheld console for kids who want to start playing Nintendo games.”