Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Worden

Mr. Worden


Mr. Worden

Mr. Daniel Worden was a temporary teacher at Kraemer Middle School who was previously a student teacher for Mrs. Collins until replacing her due to a maternity leave. Mr. Worden’s specialty in teaching was U.S History, but he studied Public Administration as well. If one was to ask any 8th grader in the GATE program about Mr. Worden, they would say that he was an amazing teacher. He is one of the most favorite teachers in 8th grade, and many were extremely sad to see him leaving the Kraemer teaching staff on May 12th to pursue his career. His favorite memory of being in Kraemer was helping a 7th grader with assignments during lunch, and while doing so, building a connection with the student. This experience led to Mr. Worden learning about serving others for the benefit of their education and life in general.

Mr. Worden went to Cal State Fullerton to get his degree in History, and since then, has been working to become a full time teacher. Before Mrs. Collins left on maternity leave, Mr. Worden was a student teacher and would occasionally teach a lesson. When Kraemer needed a substitute for Mrs. Collins, Worden heroically stepped up to the plate and delivered perfectly. He has become one of the most famous teachers in the school, not just by his cool personality, but by his teaching as well. He’s a great teacher, which is another reason that students love him. Not only is his class enjoyable with fun activities and frequent participation, but the students have learned so much throughout the time that he has been teaching American History.

Mr. Worden is a man of many interests, making him more than just a scholar, but an interesting person. His favorite restaurant is Curry Hut, and his favorite food is chicken. Although he would prefer to eat chicken, his favorite candy is Kit-Kat. Also, his favorite store to get these favorites foods and candies from is Trader Joe’s. Furthermore, he says that if he were able to obtain one single superpower, it would be the ability to fly.

Obviously, Mr. Worden was an awesome teacher during his time that he spent at Kraemer, and he is sincerely missed. From his fun lessons, to his entertaining personality, all students from the 8th grade GATE community will miss him. The students that had his class were fortunate to have the chance to meet Daniel Worden and have the experience of learning under him, and all wish him success in his future career. We will miss him, but cherish the moments we had with him. Kamron P says, “He’s the most amazing teacher in this school. It’s a shame he’s leaving… boo boo boo.”