How To Be A Better Person In Life


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Better times are bound to come with these life changes.

Ever feel like life just isn’t following a clean-cut course? Or maybe it’s just been pretty down in the dumps lately. Well, this can be prevented. Yes, this may sound like a cheesy attempt at a generic life advice column, but these little pieces of tips and advices might prove to be quite the lifesaver in the long run. (There’s a reason why everyone says to do these!)


  1. Stop procrastinating!
    1. Those pesky tasks aren’t going to fix themselves. Procrastinating on that big project that’s due tomorrow isn’t going to help, either. Yes, procrastinating is something done by many everyday, but where does that get them? No where. Stop procrastinating by, first of all, determining what you NEED to focus on. Next, clear the desks of all other knick knacks and distractions – that includes your phone! – and lay out only the bare necessities needed for the task. Then, don’t think about it… JUST DO IT!!! It’s easier if the work time is divided into focused, quality work time, with 5 minute breaks in between. This is called the Pomodoro method.

  2. Stop making excuses!
    1. It can’t be helped. Humans make mistakes… it’s perfectly natural! So stop making excuses for everything that goes wrong. Step up and take some responsibility for that mess right there. After accepting the cold, harsh reality of the problems ahead, it’ll make it so much easier to power through. The rewards of patience and hard work to make things better will definitely be something to reap later on.
  3. Stop being angry!
    1. Anger is a natural human emotion, but many find themselves getting excessively angry every day. Unfortunately, this leads to results that don’t necessarily follow the intended option. Prevent this by trying to understand the stressor’s mindset, needs, and wants. Take some time to calm down and relieve the pressure of anger by doing something else – a stress ball is a good way to squeeze out the stress! Yelling has also been proven to help vent frustration. Just don’t do it at someone else.

  4. Don’t be a hypocrite!
    1. No one likes a hypocrite. They go back on their word and are generally unreliable and flaky. They tell other people what to do but end up not upholding their own “values” when it pertains to them. So… try to maybe NOT follow that example and instead, FOLLOW YOUR OWN RULES. And that means not stealing that piece of chocolate after reprimanding someone else not to. Stop judging others for what they do and instead, acknowledge that they are just trying to get through life as well.

  5. Go with the flow.
    1. Life, unfortunately, isn’t a straight and paved road clear of all traffic. It is more of a rocky mountain that has snow just itching to avalanche. Whenever this happens, being flexible and willing to change is always the best course of action. Sticking to something but not being able to get off of it is never a healthy thing, but going with the flow may also bring more benefits than previously expected. So try new things, and don’t be too upset that life might be taking a hard right turn.


These lifestyle changes are simple, yet so beneficial. Yes, it might be hard to break bad habits and change for the better, but it will no doubt be for the better in the long run. Kraemer Middle School student Lauren N. can attest to that, “I just focus and get my work done without procrastinating, then I don’t have to worry about it.” So just follow these simple rules to live by, and the quality of life will surely go from bottom to top!