McDonald’s Australia Now Accepting Job Applications Via Snapchat



McDonalds’s logo

It truly is a sign of the times that technology has almost completely taken over the lives of many people today. However, even though the many, many social media apps and websites that is integrated with modern technology is pretty much almost always seen as a distraction or an otherwise bad influence, there are some good outcomes that might redeem social media. These good outcomes include various means of communication with people around the world, funny memes, and most recently, job applications, and this isn’t about websites such as LinkedIn, a professional business-oriented site that helps people get in touch with potential employers. As absurd as it may sound to many, McDonald’s in Australia is accepting job applications through the form of a selfie on the popular app, Snapchat.

For a little background, Snapchat is a phone app that allows people to send their friends and family pictures that disappear after a set amount of time. This app has steadily gained popularity over recent years, with roughly 160 million active users worldwide. Another unique feature of Snapchat is their filters, which can alter the appearance of a user taking a video or a selfie of themselves. The way that this new “Snaplications” campaign works is by the use of a certain Snapchat filter that allows the user to appear to be wearing a McDonald’s uniform, including a hat and a name tag. The applicant is to take a ten second video of themselves using this filter, which is then sent to McDonald’s. Someone will soon watch the video to see if the applicant in question fits the “positivity, bubbly personality” that the fast food chain is looking for, according to the chief operating officer of the Australian McDonald’s, Shaun Ruming. If the applicant does indeed appear to have these specific traits during the ten second video, then they are sent a link where they can more traditionally apply for the job.

McDonald’s hopes to use the Snaplications feature as a way to recruit younger employees. This does make some sense, as the majority of Snapchat users today are teenagers and young adults. Not to mention, the fast food corporation might just be paving the way for more technology-oriented methods of applying for a job. While McDonald’s is the first of its kind to open their applications to Snapchat, it’s entirely possible that more restaurants or stores may follow suit, especially with the increasingly social media-obsessed society. For now, it is unknown as to whether or not this new job applications system is going to expand to the United States technological capacity. This probably might be a good thing, as “Snaplications” could be subject to applications from people not serious about getting a job at McDonalds. Kraemer student Thomas P. agrees, saying “I would probably just send in memes.” Regardless of whether Snaplications is successful or not, or what countries it expands to, the world can still see this and think about just how much humanity- and technology- has evolved.