Disneyland’s Club 33


via Pexels

Do you have what it takes to get into the Club 33 of Disneyland?

Disneyland. The magical and exciting theme park that is “the happiest place on Earth”. A lot of people have been there more than just a couple times, and they probably come home in high spirits and a ton of Disney merchandise that were more than a little overpriced. Yet no matter how hard one might look or how much they think you know about this famous theme park, there is bound to be some secrets yet to uncover. One such secret: (it is much more well known about) is the existence of Club 33, which is a private club located in New Orleans Square, one of the many lands in Disneyland.

To the average visitor, Club 33 doesn’t stand out that much. In fact, it is pretty well hidden above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. If one does venture up there, it looks like just another door that’s just part of the background scenery – not too special. Look a little closer and you’ll notice a glistening emblem of the club, a sparkling 33 with lots of little engraving decorations. Unless the traveler has a membership though, they can’t get in. The door is always locked. The only way to enter is to put a membership pass against a buzzer that scans the card, and have a worker in there let the person in. Was it mentioned that memberships cost $10,000 per year to maintain, as well as a $25,000 initiation fee for each person?! Yeah, the price is steep. Yet, there is still a waiting list so long that it usually takes a person 14 years in waiting time to eventually get into the club. To even further sweeten the deal, Disney announced that Club 33 members are able to access the 1901 Lounge in Carthay Circle in California Adventure. Is anyone willing to sacrifice that much?

For some people, it’s totally worth it! They are more than willing to pay for the delectable food that Club 33 serves, as well as its exclusives-only environment. Reservations are a requirement, and they must be booked months or years ahead of time! As one can probably tell, getting into Club 33 for even a DAY can be quite a grueling experience. Kraemer Middle School 8th grade student Josh Q. agrees, saying that, “That sounds like a hassle. I don’t think many people, especially children, would want to go there.” And yet people still do…

Granted, those people are very prestigious and elite. These groups of people include world-renowned celebrities such as Elton John, Christina Aguilera, and Tom Hanks. So basically, it’s either be a celebrity rollin’ in the big bucks, or work your butt off getting the money to afford this special place. Well, it is true that Club 33 was originally meant to be a place where Walt Disney could entertain the rich and elite of the world, such as politicians, VIP guests, business sponsors, and the like. Unfortunately, he died only five months before it’s opening.  
If someone’s life dream is to now go into Club 33 and experience it’s finest luxuries they offer, but they don’t have that much money in their wallet, the only way in this exclusive club is to be invited to a seat at a table as a guest by a pre-existing member. Good luck getting that, thoughthe existing member has to be your spouse (which you probably don’t have) or a family member. Of course, there is always Craigslist for the members that are willing to auction off their tickets… but that’s even harder to access, as there are club rules restricting this action, and the ones that are willing to sell some seats are probably doing some shady business right now to do that. keep your eyes and hopes open! You just might one day get the chance to sit and dine at Club 33 at Disneyland, the restaurant of the rich and elite.