Thoughts on Rejected Trumpcare Bill

There have been many opinions on President Trump and his decisions over the past few months. Recently, President Trump tried to replace recent former president Obama’s health care policy. During President Obama’s presidency, more than 11 million people adopted Obama Care. Obama Care offered health insurance for most qualified Americans. Not only did this give health insurance to almost every American citizen, but it also made it easier for the financially challenged to receive cost assistances. Some of the advantages with having cost assistance is that medical expenses could be deducted if it costs more than 10% of the profits made in the family. This means that if the medical bills are too expensive than 10% of the whole entire family’s income the price could be lowered. In my opinion I strongly feel that the Trump Care act will only steal health insurance from most American citizens than help them.

Trump Care was supposed to be voted on by the House on Friday, March 24, but was denied when the Republicans failed to raise enough votes. President Trump blames the Democrats because no Democrat agreed with Trump’s plan. Although the Democratic side had a major effect on the Trump Care votes, the Republicans played a crucial part as well. Even if the vote passed the Freedom Caucus that consist of Republican members, worried that America would be in trouble if every Obama Care citizen didn’t have any more health insurance. In order to replace the health insurance that Obama Care provided the government would have to spend millions of dollars. The Republican House speaker, Paul Ryan defends Obamacare and believes that Obama Care will stay in the future too. But Paul Ryan isn’t the only Republican that thinks Obama care will stay. In fact most of the Republican leaders didn’t believe the votes were going to pass the act.

Of course, there are issues with Obama Care but I personally think that the pros outweigh the cons. Even the Republicans on President Trump’s side think that he shouldn’t change the healthcare policy. In fact, his Trump Care will have more problems as a new act than Obama care which has been up for quite a while. The millions of American citizens that already have Obama Care would have to lose their health insurance as the act goes away. With Trumps health care act, it will cost more money to replace all the citizens health insurances. But instead of taking it away President Trump could add on to Obama Care. Both sides would be happy because Obama Care would not be taken away, but rather modified into a better act. When asking how Kraemer student, Xavier M. how he felt about the Trump care rejection he stated,” I think the Trump Care wasn’t a very good idea in the first place, so I’m relieved Obama Care wasn’t replaced.”