New, Crazy Oreos!


via Glamour

Just how adventurous are you feeling? Enough to try a watermelon Oreo?

Everybody loves the sweet, creamy, and crunchy black and white delicacies that we call Oreos. They have been around for multiple generations, and yet they still remain as one of the most loved cookies in the US. These great cookies are belovedly known as a sweet midnight or afternoon snack, a great party food, or just as a cookie for anybody to enjoy at anytime. Oreos were invented in 1912 by Nabisco, and since then, they have been released in a variety of flavors. Some have been widely accepted by consumers worldwide, like Double Stuf Oreos, Mint Oreos, S’mores Oreos, and Mini Reeses Oreos. However, with these amazing flavors comes its own share of weird and crazy ones.

Many of the crazy Oreo flavors have come from fruit or fruit based products. As a cookie company, these cookies can either rise in the market as cool, creative cookie flavors, or as terrible ones which people would rather barf. Nabisco has had its fair share with both. The watermelon Oreo is a perfect example of a cookie that has done well in the market. The watermelon Oreos feature a perfect blend between a watermelon flavor, the delicious white cream, and the vanilla cookies. Because these Oreos were a great cookie, they were widely enjoyed by consumers worldwide, and many were sad to see it leave. However, though some of these cookies may have been a success for Nabisco, some have turned out to be just the opposite. The fruit punch Oreo and limeade oreo, unlike the watermelon Oreo, did not sit well in consumer’s stomachs. These Oreos, according to the Huffington Post, are only available when in stock, which may be a long time.

Though these Oreos may either seem amazing or terrible (depending on which flavor they are), many question why Nabisco is journeying in this field of creating. After all, they are losing a lot of publicity by trying to make these new Oreo flavors. Though Nabisco will not exactly admit why, many speculate that the company wishes to become a new radical company, and just be out there. This can impact the company greatly, and can either make them the epitome cookie companies or the worst one of all. In fact, KMS student Josiah C. states, “I definitely love Oreos, and love to eat them. However, the new moves that they are making are very, very questionable.” And he is definitely right.