March Madness


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Every year, on the second week of March to the first week of April, millions of college basketball fans are captivated by March Madness. March Madness is the competition that occurs when the top 68 college basketball teams compete in a bracket-based playoff for college basketball’s most renowned trophy. Last year, the competition became really intense, with Vilanova scoring a last minute buzzer beater to take the trophy from North Carolina. This year, both of those famous teams, along with many others, will engage in fierce competition for the championship.


Many are trying to predict the outcome of this famous championship. For example, the NCAA website lists of potential winners and currently peaking teams. Some of these teams are Gonzaga University, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Wichita State. Gonzaga has been rocking the best team ever, with amazing forwards like Rui Hachimura and Jeremy Jones, who have been shooting and making at least 50% of their shots. They also have amazing guards Josh Perkins and Nigel-Williams ll, who are both really starting to shine at this time of year. A team like Gonzaga might even have the best team of all time, who, together, the players have scored over 25 points a game. In fact, this amazing team can even make into the competition undefeated. Other teams, though, have a great solid all-around team that is playing very at the right time. For example, the Rhode Island Rams, who finished as #24 in the country, have been performing extremely well under the radar, shrouded by the large competitors of the conference. In fact, they have finished with a record of 21-9, and they actually have a decent shot at doing really well in the tournament. Also, currently they are on a hot streak, with many high performing players such as Jared Terrell, Jarvis Garrett, and Christion Thompson. The other teams, Michigan and Wichita State, are a combination of the two. Both hold some very highly contested players, but are just starting to peak, coincidentally at the right time. However, though these teams are definite favorites with statistics on their side, an upset could very quickly and easily happen. After all, these teams have to win 8 consecutive games, and if a smaller, weaker team beat them, they could be easily  kicked out of the team out of the tournament.


Some teams are also excited about the competition because they feel like if they win or do well, they can show to the world what a great team they are. Also, being selected for the competition means that they were one of the best 68 basketball teams in the country. This year, the hype is building for this tournament. Kraemer student Josiah C. states that, “I really love the basketball games, and will be really excited to watch March Madness.” Who knows what this year has in stock?