The Puppy Bowl


via FOX 5 DC

Adorable little puppies compete in the Puppy Bowl!

Nearly everyone has heard of the Super Bowl, but what about the Puppy Bowl? Founded on February 6, 2005, the Puppy Bowl is an annual television show on Animal Planet which mimics the Super Bowl, but with puppies. Each year, dozens of puppies from rescue centers and shelters compete against each other in two teams, Team Fluff and Team Ruff. However, the main purpose of the show is to encourage the adoption of the puppies competing.

After losing for countless consecutive years now, Team Fluff has made a momentous comeback, defeating Team Ruff with an amazing 93-38 victory. Scoring three touchdowns in only the first quarter, Rory, a 17-week-old poodle and mix, was the talented team leader of Team Fluff and eventually earned herself the title of Most Valuable Pup. In the end, this feisty, football-loving dog was adopted. Nonetheless, Puppy Bowl Referee, Dan Schachner, states that choosing the MVP was especially difficult this year. In fact, in an interview, Schachner confirmed, “We always have a couple of multi-touchdown winners, but this year we had four or five.”

Furthermore, many dogs with special needs took the spotlight this year. These dogs included Lucky who is a three-legged dog, Doobert who is a hearing impaired dog, and Winston who is a sight and hearing impaired dog.

Other than the dogs, many other animals, from rabbits to even cats, starred on the show. Instead of Lady Gaga, Kitty GaGa and her band were the stars of the half-time show. There, they performed their new hit single, ‘Puparazzi’, which was simply adorable. According to Schachner, “At the beginning of Kitty Gaga’s performance, you will see kittens just going for it. You can see cats playing guitars, you can see scratching on a DJ turntable, you can see Kitty Gaga in her infamous meat dress. Don’t worry, it’s a vegan meat dress, so there’s something for everybody.” In addition, famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil took the place of George Bush as coin flipper. Next, the cheerleaders were a combination of rabbits and guinea pigs that were also rescues. Also, team mascots, including a chinchilla and an owl, sat watching the game on the sidelines. To add on, animal celebrities such as Toast Meets World, Chloe the Frenchie, and Khloe Kardoggian, sat watching the Puppy Bowl in the sidelines. Schachner comments, “It’s no longer Puppy Bowl. It’s now a veritable zoo I’m trying to manage.”

Either way, Puppy Bowl 2017 was truly a great show with a greater purpose that will easily melt anyone’s heart. According to KMS seventh grader, Karis C., “It’s so fascinating that there is a super bowl for puppies!” Next time the Superbowl is on, be sure to change the channel and check out the Puppy Bowl, too!