Cheap Ways to Travel the World’s Most Expensive Places


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Money, money, money!

Many people often have an ideal vacation spot in mind, but they are usually too expensive to travel to. Fortunately, with the help of local experts and helpful tips there are now ways to plan affordable trips to expensive destinations such as Hong Kong, France, and Australia.

One tip would be to travel to destinations during their off or low season.  This is because when hotels and restaurants are not busy, they will oftentimes offer incredible deals to lure in more guests. Adding on, it would also be a good idea to travel during the months December through February because this time frame is the holiday season, when most people are busy. For those who plan on going to Italy someday, this would be a great idea because most four and five star hotels will offer affordable prices during these months. Also, for travelers who would want to explore a more unknown and less expensive part of Italy, it’s suggested that they visit Sicily, a part of Italy that provides tourists with different Italian cuisines as well as culture.

Another beneficial tip would be to try to find a place where you would not have to pay for everything. For example, Iceland is a relatively expensive place to visit, despite the various low-cost flights provided. Paying for things like transportation, tourist attractions, and food does not make it easier. That’s why it is better to stay in someplace like downtown Reykjavik because the city is compact and walkable, and it is easy to rent a car for however long you need it and then park the rental car along the road it for the rest of your stay. Additionally, when travelers are on a day trip in Iceland, most of its natural attractions are free!

Lastly, for those who would like to visit the tropical side of the world, Hawaii is a great suggestion! When in Hawaii, be prepared to spend a lot of time outdoors. Fortunately, all of Hawaii’s beaches are free and open to the public, even if they front a private residence. Food can also be quite expensive, so make sure to dine at lunch wagons such as Nicky’s Lunch Wagon, mom-and-pop diners such as Ono Seafood, or even open markets. It is also advised to look for off-season packages that will cover hotel, car, and airline costs during the months, September, October, late January, or February.

Although it can be quite expensive to travel, there are many tips as to how to make trips cheaper, as shown above. These few tips, while cutting down the cost of your trip, will still allow everyone to have a great time! KMS seventh grader, Divya S. says, “Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, and I’m so glad that there are now cheaper ways to do so!”