KMS Orchestra’s Winter Concert 2013


On Thursday, December 5, 2013, Kraemer Middle School’s intermediate and advanced orchestras performed at Valencia High School’s Auditorium. This concert theme was “Winter” because of all of the winter songs and how people set up the stage. Mr. Inzerillo was the intermediate’s conductor while Mr.Topping conducted the advanced orchestra.

Before the main event, each orchestra had a turn on stage to tune their instruments and to review parts of their musical pieces. After practicing, the parents and other viewers took their seats as the Intermediate Orchestras and Mr. Inzerillo began to play their pieces. The audience was pleased by the performance. “It was fun to watch and I like the music,” says Adrien T. who is a Kindergartener at John O. Tynes Elementary School.

After their performance, Mr. Topping and his 4th Period Advanced Orchestra took the stage. “I was pretty ready to go play and help out the orchestra to please the audience,” says Timothy Javier, an 8th Grader at Kraemer, who played with the 4th Period Advanced Orchestra. Their performance shocked the audience as they played their first piece,”British Grenadiers.” After their performance, the audience applauded as Mr. Topping’s 3rd Period Advanced Orchestra took the stage. Their pieces were great and classic. “Their performance was amazing,” says Joemar R. This period was separate from the 4th Period Orchestra because most of the people in 3rd Period have private lessons or they have lots of experience, so they have a lot of talent.

By the end of the concert, Mr. Topping and Mr. Inzerillo congratulated their students for playing very well. These students will continue to work hard another day to practice new and challenging pieces.