Apple’s New Frontier: Making Movies and Shows


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An example of an Apple product, the iPhone.


Apple was founded on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in order to develop and sell personal computers. Originally the company was named Apple Computer, Inc., but was later renamed Apple Inc. The first product that Apple had unveiled was the Apple I, but it lacked basic features such as a keyboard, monitor, and case. After receiving the not-so-positive feedback from its customers, Apple decided to improve the Apple I and later revealed the Apple II, which was accompanied by cell-based color graphics and open architecture. Eventually, Apple began to create more advanced technology such as the Apple III, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and many more.

Recently, Apple’s sales have been declining, so they decided to create their own television shows and movies to increase popularity. People who were familiar with these decisions told The Wall Street Journal, and the public has had mixed feelings about it. Reportedly, Apple is already in talks with producers about buying scripted television shows, aiming to capture programs comparable to TV shows such as Westworld on HBO or Stranger Things on Netflix. Some people are skeptical about Apple taking such a big step into the film industry, since they have never attempted to create any type of film. Additionally, Apple will need to hire multiple directors, producers, and actors, and in order to accomplish this, Apple will need to accumulate a large amount of money. Although there are those who are skeptical about Apple’s new ideas, there are also many people that look forward to what Apple has in store!

According to the story that was published by the Journal, the programming of Apple’s TV shows  would be part of the Apple Music subscription ($6/month for an individual plan, $9/month for a family plan). As for the movie portion, Apple decided that it would become “more relaxed.” Since Apple has decided to provide such a service, this would evidently lead them into more direct competition with companies such as Netflix, Amazon’s Prime Video, and HBO, especially since all three companies offer some of the most popular apps on the Apple’s App Store. Though the Journal states that Apple is not planning to match the budgets of those three companies at the start, it’s worth noting that both Netflix and Amazon started slowly and then began to expand after producing a handful of hits. With its almost unlimited ability to generate cash, Apple certainly has the resources needed to develop shows.

Apple has definitely taken a huge risk stepping into the film industry, but many are excited to see where this journey will take them! Many are hoping that this new idea will give Apple the boost that it needs! A 7th grader at Kraemer Middle School, Esther Y. states, “I love Apple’s products and I can’t wait to see what is to come!”